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[Leverage] Salami, Tomato, and Mayo on Rye - sunspot (unavoidedcrisis)
A desperate patron comes into the shop looking for help after he picks up one of Hardison's terrible bargain books. Hardison feels obligated to help, Eliot thinks the man should be left to clean up his own mess, and Parker just wants something to eat.
hardison/parker/eliot  au:magic  trope:humor  pg  wc:1-5k  located:ao3  leverage  !topodfic 
13 days ago by ofjustimagine
[CR] Sing - Crewe
There's a twenty foot goat monster getting ready to gore him, and Scanlan is just about done with things going wrong.
gen  pg  wc:1-5k  located:ao3  critical.role  vox.machina 
15 days ago by ofjustimagine
Tenillypo: Willie Scott and the Accidental Child Acquisition
Willie Scott had a plan for her life. And then Short Round walked back through her door.
indianajones  gen  pg  fluff  angst  wc:2000-5000 
17 days ago by spellczech
moemachina: On the Shore, the Whale Bone and the Horseshoe Crab
"Hey, it's proteins and electrolytes. It could be worse. You're welcome to try to get the machine to dispense something else," Ripley said, leaning against the open edge of his pod. "Coffee. Water."

"Tequila," Hicks offered. "Margaritas."

Ripley laughed, a loud and full-body laugh, and Hicks chuckled throatily at her reaction -- and from the walkie-talkie on Ripley's belt loop came the tinny approximation of an android/spaceship clearing his/its throat.
alien  p:ripley/hicks  pg  au:canon  wc:5000-10000 
17 days ago by spellczech
Anonymous - Stand United
Alfred walked through the empty room, avoiding the sunbeams stretching through his wide picture window. He found another pair of glasses by the bathroom sink, next to the kitchen shears. The glasses were a little rounder, a little heavier than he was used to, but he slipped them on. The prescription was close enough. America and Canada had never seen the world exactly the same, well, until it came to the important things in life.
hetalia  gen  short  pg  deathfic  @lj 
20 days ago by blissfire
opencirclefleet: Mess is Mine
"Oh, dear. He still doesn't trust you?" Palpatine tries to drive a wedge between Anakin and Obi-Wan. It doesn't work.
starwars  p:anakin/obi-wan  pg  hurt/comfort  fluff  wc:1000-2000 
5 weeks ago by spellczech

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