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Issue statement on the draft Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market - Petitions
UK Government and Parliament

Issue statement on the draft Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market
Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market in its current shape will severly impact the economic freedom and freedom of speech of all EU citizens if implemented. It favours big companies and research institutes over individuals.

More details
The implementation will primarily:
1. Require to obtain a license from a publisher to quote and link to content ("link tax", Art.11);
2. Order hosts of “large amounts” of content to monitor and filter uploads (copyright "censorship machines", Art.13);
3. May grant exclusive rights to text and data mining to "research institutions" and "for the purposes of scientific research" ("optional favouritism", Art.3).
We would like to know the stance of the UK Government and Parliament on these matters.

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february 2018 by dalton

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