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Everything that can go wrong with Windows Phone 7 update does
This is what Nokia has bet the farm on:
<i>"This is a monumental cock-up. Failing to install properly is bad. Corrupting firmware and needing recovery is terrible. Bricking handsets altogether is inexecusable. Who on earth wants to schlep into a store to get a new handset just because Microsoft and Samsung screwed something up? In spite of the handsets being available for four months now, in spite of having a month or more to test the update, it doesn't actually work... As someone who uses and likes Windows Phone 7, I can only hope that this is mere teething trouble, and that future updates will be perfect. But I'm fearful that it's actually a sign of things to come. Even with the minimal variation between makes and models that Windows Phone 7 has at the moment, it looks like it's already too much for the update process to cope with. I can't help but be disappointed."</i>
Doesn't bode well.
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february 2011 by areitz
Windows on ARM official, but leaves many questions unanswered
Pretty good rundown of today's Windows 8 on ARM announcement. There is still a lot of this which doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and Peter Bright for ArsTechnica hits all of the high points.
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january 2011 by areitz

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