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Windows Phone is now officially dead: A sad tale of what might have been | Ars Technica UK
As for me, I switched to an iPhone more than a year ago. Every day, I'm struck at how the main user interface is basically that of Windows 3.1's Program Manager, and iOS 11 has been fantastically unstable for me. I don't enjoy iOS in the way I enjoyed Windows Phone. But it's actively developed, and third-party developers love it, and, ultimately, those factors both win out over Windows Mobile's good looks and comfortable developer platform.
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october 2017 by lorenzck
Wisdom and folly: IE8's super standards mode cuts both ways
Internet Explorer 8 is going to be the most standards-compliant IE yet. With IE8, you have a choice in standards compliance modes. Shouldn't the only mode be standards mode? Ah, idealism.
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january 2008 by thijsniks

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