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Taking Liberties - astolat - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Neal found Kate on the eighteenth of March, in a hotel on the Upper West Side exactly fifty yards beyond the edge of his two-mile radius.
fic  threesome  peter/neal/el 
february 2014 by comenextmonday
Exquisite - copperbadge - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
It was obviously a Very Bad Thing that Neal got out and he was going to do his best, darn it all, to catch that wicked, wicked criminal again. Just, you know, he was going to enjoy himself as he did it.
white_collar  threesomes  peter/neal/el 
november 2013 by comenextmonday
Lucky - china_shop - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
In which it takes nearly 110k words for Peter, El and Neal to all get together. A slow-burn romance with dating, negotiations and lots of feelings and sex. Set during season 2.
whitecollar  slash  het  threesome  peter/neal  peter/neal/el 
october 2013 by diva0789
Exquisite by sam_storyteller
There's a place in Neal Caffrey's head where he doesn't have to lie to himself or be three steps ahead of the other guy, but so far only Peter has found it -- and Peter won't give him what he really wants. Elizabeth, meanwhile, is slowly adjusting to the idea of abetting felons...
fic  white_collar  peter/neal/el  rating:nc-17 
march 2013 by gvspurlock
The Love Nest
Neal came into Peter's office and closed the door after him. He seemed pensive. "Um, Peter?"
"What?" Peter looked up, caught himself blushing, and looked back down at his paperwork. "What is it?"
"Your wife just asked me out on a date," said Neal.
china-shop  whitecollar  peter/neal/el 
april 2012 by japanimecrazed
One of the OPR agents leans forward. "Just so we're clear...he's at your house for sports?"

"Yeah, what did you -- " Peter pauses and gives them a horrified look. "You thought he was sleeping with my wife, didn't you?"
copperbadge  whitecollar  peter/neal/el 
april 2012 by japanimecrazed
The Hired Man
"Peter Burke, ex-FBI agent, met Neal Caffrey, thief, during a bar fight. Peter was in need of a job, and Neal was in need of a bodyguard. Everything was going fine until this art-restorer named Elizabeth hired them to steal a statue..."

I really loved this. It's got Sam's signature humor and maturity, and a really wonderful look at how Peter, El, and Neal work together in any situation. I also liked the way not all sides of the triangle started off equally, but that didn't make the relationships everyone had with each other *less* because of it.
whitecollar  author:sam_storyteller  peter/neal/el  AU 
april 2012 by missmollyetc
If You're Gone by sahiya (Peter/El/Neal, White Collar)
Author summary perfectly captures it: "What do you do when the people who've become your Pole Star move three thousand miles away? Neal Caffrey is about to find out." AU from middle of s2. Satisfying ot3 fic and I like the idea of watching Neal deal with being FBI property without the liberty of Peter's loosely held leash, and making his own decisions about what's right and wrong (and choosing right!)
tv  whitecollar  het  slash  ot3  peter/neal/el  diana.barrigan 
october 2011 by proteinscollide
sam_storyteller : Exquisite, Ch. 1 (Reply)
A bazillion chapters, and it starts here. Really good, and someday I'm going to do more than just skim it.
fanfic  whitecollar  peter/neal/el  long 
september 2011 by vickita
The Hired Man
Peter Burke, ex-FBI agent, met Neal Caffrey, thief, during a bar fight. Peter was in need of a job, and Neal was in need of a bodyguard. Everything was going fine until this art-restorer named Elizabeth hired them to steal a statue...
Peter/Neal/El  slash  het  sam_storyteller  whitecollar  from delicious
august 2011 by arrghigiveup
Take Me Out To The Ball Game by OnYourMark (Peter/Neal, White Collar)
Peter's reluctant to give voice to what he wants but El and Neal know how to get around that anyway. I really liked how lovely they all are with each other in this story, the care and concern in their relationship. Also, the image of Neal on his knees? Yum. :)
tv  whitecollar  peter/neal/el  peter/neal  slash 
june 2011 by proteinscollide
Certain Things in the Real World
It's supposed to be Neal's night to cook, which he tries not to feel bad about as he toys with the cell phone in his pocket and considers his options. On the one hand, he doesn't exactly relish the idea of being on the business end of Peter's "You have done wrong" stare--the closet thing he gets to the finger point, these days--but on the other hand, this commission isn't going to paint itself. He sighs, oddly wistful for the days when he could get chased down, shot at and still be out of the office in time for dinner, and makes the call.
Peter/Neal/El  whitecollar  gyzym  slash  het  from delicious
april 2011 by arrghigiveup
In the middle of your deep blue sea
Neal picks the movie for his first official date with Peter and Elizabeth.
whitecollar  Peter/Neal/El  deepbluemermaid  het  slash  from delicious
march 2011 by arrghigiveup
boundary conditions by fahye (Neal/Peter/El, White Collar)
(art by lizardspots) The tension in this is just delicious - and it does a spot-on job navigating the shifting dynamics between Peter and Neal as Peter starts to realise that flirting is just a way for them to work out the lines they can and want to cross. Also, beautifully written and HOT. The artwork is really lovely too (and SFW).
tv  whitecollar  het  slash  ot3  peter/neal/el  fanart  kink:D/s 
january 2011 by proteinscollide
Light-Fingered by shrift (Neal/Peter/El, White Collar)
"Four times Neal steals Peter's wallet, and one time he doesn't." This has that light, fun touch I love about the ot3 dynamic, as it also manages very skilfully to show Neal becoming more and more ingrained in Peter and El's lives.
tv  whitecollar  het  slash  ot3  peter/neal/el 
january 2011 by proteinscollide
Dressing Down by OnYourMark (Neal/Peter/El, White Collar)
Om nom nom dressing kink. :) This is a lovely 5 things fic, with all these innocent moments turning into one long promise of delicious things to come.
tv  whitecollar  slash  het  ot3  peter/neal/el  kink:clothing 
january 2011 by proteinscollide
The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Con Men by OnYourMark (Neal/Elizabeth/Peter, White Collar)
Neal breaks all the rules - and stays. This is really lovely - the conceit is great, and the progression of trust and the way the relationship between the three of them grows just works so well through it. It's sweet and funny and has great grasp on character voices.
tv  whitecollar  het  slash  ot3  peter/neal/el 
january 2011 by proteinscollide

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