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Congrats to Only Natural Pet , a -based leader in natural products, on certifying as a…
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4 days ago by mgifford
A pet monkey was buried some 4,000 years ago with same rites as humans : Research Highlights
> The monkey was buried in the vast cemetery of Shahr-i Sokhta, an ancient city near modern-day Zabol, Iran. According to work by Claudia Minniti at the University of Salento in Lecce, Italy, and Seyed Mansour Seyed Sajjadi at the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research in Tehran, the animal was interred in a single pit, as were the infants in the cemetery. The pit contained the same type of pottery found in the cemetery’s human graves.

For Middle Easterners of that time, pet monkeys were status symbols. The buried primate — a rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) — might have been bestowed as a luxury gift and represents one of the earliest examples of a pet monkey.
monkey  pet  history  anthropology 
5 days ago by porejide
Tombot Robotic Companion Animals | Home
A new therapeutic robot dog, in the vein of the Paro seal robot, as a companion for elderly dementia patients. But, a dog is a pretty big hurdle compared to a seal, because people have a lot of expectations regarding a dog, but don't really have many preconceived notions regarding a seal...
robot  dog  therapeutic  pet  simulator  paro  alternative  robotics  health  medicine  companion 
6 days ago by asteroza
How Integrative Medicine Can Make a Difference for the Health of Your Pet Throughout the Year
With treatments such as acupuncture and additional forms of holistic care in mind, consider the many ways in which integrative veterinary care can make a significant impact on maintaining the health of your pet throughout the year.
pet  veterinary  care 
24 days ago by Adventure_Web
How People Make Decisions (Smashing Magazine)
Susan Weinschenk описывает основы принятия решений нашим мозгом — например, как это происходит на странице продления тарифного плана, где пользователю предлагается сразу несколько возможностей.
UX  psychology  PET  issue 
6 weeks ago by jvetrau
Soft Places
> The night of the election, at 3am, New York was the quietest I had ever heard it, absolutely silent, but it didn’t feel at all like being alone. The silence was stuffed to bursting with presence, built out of all the other people awake and not making noise, people standing in the nowhere of a moment further into the future than they thought they’d ever have to get, the sound of thousands of champagne corks stuffed firm in their bottles, un-propelled.

> Pulling yourself out of the maelstrom and observing, for once a spectator rather than an actor, briefly relieved of consequence, as though you could pass ghostlike through the mass and volume of bodies and no one would feel a thing. No one could embrace you and walls couldn’t hold you.

> A pet is the image of a more merciful world, a life made only of tenderness.

> I always tell him, because another one of the reasons to have a cat, to care for an animal, is to get to say things that sappy and awful, to be allowed to be un-nuanced and unsophisticated, to love in an absolutely uncritical and un-rigorous way.
helena-fitzgerald  solitude  capitalism  alone  pet  nyc  election 
6 weeks ago by jasdev
Modern mass storage solution for Commodore PETs
sdcard  pet  commodore  storage  adapter  retro  modern  hardware 
7 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Why Checkups are Essential for the Health of Your Pet
Much like our annual visits to the doctor, checkups are an essential aspect of our pet’s health throughout the year.
pet  checkups  health 
7 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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