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Punchdrunk's Kabeiroi: a shapeshifting six-hour mystery tour of London | Stage | The Guardian
"At one point I gave (sedate and self-conscious) chase to a woman I was sure was shouting my name. She turned out to be extremely drunk and absolutely nothing to do with the show."
theatre  pervasive  london 
november 2017 by kevan
Calm Technology
When we design products, we aim to choose the best position for user interface components, placing the most important ones in the most accessible places on the screen.
design  philosophy  technology  ux  pervasive 
august 2016 by bouvin
Gel-based touchpad lets you play chess on your arm | Ars Technica UK
Touchscreens have transformed the way we interact with electronics, enabling the development of elegant handheld devices. But currently, their screens are limited to a fixed size. As flexible and wearable electronics are in development, the touchscreens we'll need in the future will have to be both flexible and biocompatible. In an investigation recently published in Science, researchers have designed an ionic touchscreen that boasts stretchability and biocompatibility, allowing easy integration with the human body.
ui  pervasive  mobile  Research 
august 2016 by bouvin
- The emails from clients are already hitting my inbox asking for a POV -
rebategate  pervasive  shakethetree  from twitter_favs
june 2016 by idcomms
Neptune - Expect Change
This is a taste of what computing should be in 2025
pervasive  pvc  weiser 
june 2015 by bouvin

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