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It’s always sunny above the clouds. Something to keep in mind on a dreary, rainy day.
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17 days ago by catherine_delia
How the Many Sides to Every Story Shape our Reality
“We can select truths that engage people and inspire action, or we can deploy truths that deliberately mislead. Truth comes in many forms, and experienced communicators can exploit its variability to shape our impression of reality.” *** The truth is not as straightforward as it seems. via Pocket
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21 days ago by jburkunk
iPhone Xs Max Review: An Android User's Perspective
I hear you – all of you. Baulking at the thousand-dollar-plus price tag. Scoffing at the lack of bundled lightning-to-3.5mm dongle. Cackling away at #chargegate and #beautygate. Android race, master race. I hear all of you. I, a life-long Android user (with some exceptions), think I’ve finally wrapped my mind around this quandary of a device....

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iPhone  Xs  Max  Review:  An  Android  User’s  Perspective 
24 days ago by vrzone

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