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Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. I Found One That Isn’t.

This is one of the big problems with pop culture ideas of personality, from a scientific standpoint. They try to fit us all into a set of immutable types. “That’s why we don’t like Myers-Briggs,” Vazire said. “We shouldn’t be talking about types of people.” That’s because, like most things with humans, personality traits fall on a bell curve and most of us will be near the middle of that distribution. When you try to categorize people by type, you end up with a lot of people who are placed in boxes that seem far apart, but whose distribution of personality is actually pretty close to each other. “Types create more artificial boundaries, where most people are really close to the boundary line,” Vazire said. “That’s the nature of human difference.”
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yesterday by jefframnani
A brief Enneagram Personality Test and associated information about each of the nine personality types
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11 days ago by Vlahn
BFAS Scoring Keys
Big 5 personality traits (according to Peterson) described by keys
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16 days ago by DivineDominion
Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless
It's no more scientifically valid than a BuzzFeed quiz.
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16 days ago by garrettc
Political microtargeting | Marginally Significant
"The other odd thing about the storyline that CA developed some kind of personality super-test is that personality, even the self-reported personality that their model was supposed to predict, is not all that useful in practice. The idea of the Big 5 is that it measures something very broad that is at least a little bit relevant to most human behavior, but that’s at the cost of not relating to behavior in any particular context that well. [...]

So, the goal is not to target generically neurotic voters with neurotic messages, it’s to adapt a much more standard strategy in political campaigns to the social media environment [...] Then send them targeted messages, arguing that your candidate is on their side [...] It seems that personality was incorporated into this strategy to some degree, but my guess is that the real key to the strategy was access to extensive Facebook behavioral data and using targeted communications to hit the right issue buttons for each person. [...]

There is another key aspect of the strategy that has largely been overlooked. [...] this seems to be about micro-targeting via testing, rather than via understanding personality. [...] The key here is that the targeting is not being done by understanding each voters’ personality. In fact, this kind of testing makes any such understanding completely unnecessary. Instead, the strategy is to push out a high volume of different ads, see which ones perform best in terms of what is observable on Facebook (clicks, likes, shares, etc..), and then use those outcomes in conjunction with Facebook data on the people who responded to determine a targeting strategy (i.e. to predict which ad version will work best for whom)."
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20 days ago by arsyed

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