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Middeling inkomen box1 berekenen
Bereken hoe middeling van uw box 1 inkomen kan leiden tot een belastingteruggave. ✔ Gebruik onze 41 rekentools voor werk & inkomen.
15 days ago by jsmits
A Guide to Efficient Banking
A method of leveraging accounts and credit cards to maximize cash back and interest. Essentially, OP uses HYSAs as checking accounts and keeps minimal money in his checking account. All bills are taken out of savings on auto-pay each month. All purchases are made using credit cards to maximize rewards.
16 days ago by Maurice.hajjar
There’s no such thing as “The Number”
Working until you hit a net worth number is not a good strategy. There are too many variables to allow you to calculate a number with high confidence. Instead of looking to hit a number, you should focus on being the DJ of your life. Where you can control the knobs of investments career family leisure etc. as the energy of life ebbs and flows.

Don’tSave it all for a future that may never come. Work all of the things that you want to do throughout your life. Make it work.
finances  personalfinance 
28 days ago by christopherming
I researched cash-back credit cards so you don’t have to.
Great thread on cash back cards broken down by category of benefits.
Credit  PersonalFinance 
28 days ago by Maurice.hajjar
The Zero Budget Portfolio
I’ve added this “Zero-based budgeting” strategy to my growing list of tools and frameworks for managing my finances (along with having an Writing An Investor Policy and doing a Money Review).

Basically, at least once a year you start from scratch, look at your credit card statement, and ask yourself, “Is this worth it?”

Think of it a Konmari’ing for your money.

“So, start at zero, and then ask yourself, “Would I add DirectTV for $3,000 today?” For many of us, the answer to the question is different if you are continuing a service, or initiating a new purchase. In behavioral finance this is called the endowment effect, where people ascribe more value to things simply because they own them. But if you didn’t own that Big Green Egg, would you buy it again? (Another way to do this is to cancel your credit cards so that any recurring services have to be repurchased.)”
finances  personalfinance 
4 weeks ago by christopherming
401K Target Date Fund vs Index Fund
Good thread on differences of choosing individual funds vs TDFs. Comments give breakdown of good Fidelity funds to choose for a 3-fund portfolio.
PersonalFinance  Investing 
4 weeks ago by Maurice.hajjar
Approximating Total Stock Market
Boglehead’s wiki article about approximating total stock market with individual index funds.
Investing  PersonalFinance 
4 weeks ago by Maurice.hajjar

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