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Seven New Year Resolutions To Help You Be Happier And More Productive In 2019
Today is about... , stop doing list, ask more questions, Have a Yes/No/Too Difficult box for decisions, save some money.

By 30 have the equivalent of your salary saved, by 40 have 3x, 50 6x, 60 8x, 67 10x.
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16 days ago by mkatase
How to Conduct an Annual Life Review That Will Catapult You into the New Year |
Goals & Growth
What three big goals will you accomplish next year? What’s important about them?
What two or three skills / competencies will you acquire?
What is one superpower that you will utilize to achieve your goals?
How do you intend to be different by the end of next year?
Who do you want to become?

Moving On
What do you want or need to shed?
What no longer serves you?
What do you need to walk away from?

Habits & Behaviors
What are two or three habits or behaviors you will stop?
What are two or three habits or behaviors you will start?
What are two or three habits or behaviors you will continue?

Fears + Obstacles
How will you step out of your comfort zone and face your fears?
What obstacles will you face and how will you overcome them to accomplish your goals?

Who in your life deserves more attention?
Who do you plan to build a new relationship with?
Who will you mentor and help?

Next Steps & Planning
What are the next steps you can take towards your goals? Be specific!
What resources do you need in order to start making progress?
Who will you seek help from?
How can you crate early wins and momentum?
How can you evaluate your progress?
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22 days ago by mikeaarts
Johari window - Wikipedia
A technique[1] that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. Subjects pick a number of adjectives from a list, choosing ones they feel describe their own personality.
5 weeks ago by robertocarroll
Surviving—and Thriving—as a Remote Worker ◆ 24 ways
Even introverts can feel lonely or isolated. When you work remotely, there isn’t a built-in community you’re surrounded by every day. You have to intentionally seek out social opportunities that an office would normally provide.
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5 weeks ago by robertocarroll
So true...and be relentless about continual learning and 💪💯

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7 weeks ago by dtomoff
How to Have a Good Conversation - YouTube
- Conversational crossroads
- Emotional rather than facts
- Focus on what's really important
- Vulnerability: our sorrows have echoes in the lives of others
- Curiosity (from comments) also important
7 weeks ago by robertocarroll
7 Years and 21 Self-Improvement Experiments: Where They All Are Today
- Go thirty days without consuming caffeine or alcohol.
- Go 21 straight days without complaining or uttering non-constructive criticism. (If I catch myself doing it, I must start again at day zero.)
- Log every single thing I do for a week.
- Write 1000 words a day for 30 days.
- Work an 8-hour workday working on my own goals, the way I do with my employer’s goals 250 days a year.
- Read a book a week for a year.
- Declutter my entire home using Marie Kondo’s method.
7 weeks ago by robertocarroll

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