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WWW father while at CERN! Great visionary and inventor
3 days ago by cldwalker
Aubrey de Grey - Wikipedia
Aims to stop the aging process. His research is supported by PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel.
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4 days ago by gdw
The first <strong>"bottom-up" history of the world</strong> resides in an Austrian salt mine. "It's a global project &mdash; and its history is written by everyone"
The first <strong>"bottom-up" history of the world</strong> resides in an Austrian salt mine. "It's a global project &mdash; and its history is written by everyone"
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8 days ago by MF_reads
Documents her amateur science experiments. Found out about her from
9 days ago by cldwalker
5 Years at Docker ·
Docker Hub の開発者の話。面白い。
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18 days ago by summerwind

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