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GitHub - rails-engine/role_core: A Rails engine providing essential industry of Role-based access control (formerly called rbac_core)
What's does the RoleCore do

The role model

The essence of RBAC is the role, despite your application, there are many possibilities: single-role, multi-roles, extendable-role and the role may associate to different kinds of resources (e.g: users and groups)

RoleCore provides a essential definition of Role, you have to add association to adapt to your application, for example:

single-role: adding one-to-many association between Role and User
multi-roles: adding many-to-many association between Role and User
extendable-role: adding a self-association to Role
polymorphic-asscociated-role: consider using polymorphic association technique
Although it's not out-of-box, but it will give you fully flexibility to suit your needs.

Permissions definition

RoleCore provides a DSL (which inspired by Redmine) that allows you define permissions for your application.

Empowered by virtual model technique, these permissions your defined can be persisted through serialization, and can be used with OO-style, for example: role.permissions.project.create?

There also support permission groups, and groups support nesting.

I18n is supported too.

In fact, the essence of permissions is Hash, keys are permissions, and values are booleans. so computing of permissions with many roles, can be understood as computing of Hashes.

Management UI

Building a management UI is difficult, but virtual model technique will translates permissions to a virtual model's (a class that conforms to ActiveModel) attributes, and groups will translates to nested virtual models, that means you can use all Rails view helpers including the mighty form builder, and can benefit to Strong Parameter.

The dummy app shows that rendering a permission list only about 20 lines.

If your application is API-only, you can simply dumping the role's permissions to JSON, and can still be benefit to StrongParameter.

Checking permission

RoleCore DOES NOT handle the authentication or authorization directly, you have to integrate with CanCanCan, Pundit or other solutions by yourself.

RoleCore can be working with CanCanCan, Pundit easily and happily.
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6 hours ago by cnk
Duke ScholarWorks: Scholarly Communications Toolkit
Scroll to "Model letter requesting copyright permission" for a great sample permission letter when you need permission from a copyright owner for using their work.
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17 days ago by librarianchase
NSPersistentDocument: *** Assertion failure in -[NSVBSavePanel viewWillInvalidate:] — Mac Lovin'
By default the sandbox disallows user file writing, so file access must be set to "read/ write".
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19 days ago by emorydunn
An unopinionated authentication library for building Node.js APIs.
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29 days ago by linuslundahl

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