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database - Lost All Privileges in MYSQL - Stack Overflow
sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop
sudo rm /var/run/mysqld/
/usr/bin/mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables
/usr/bin/mysql -uroot -p mysql

update mysql.user
set Select_priv='Y',
where User='root';
rpi  mysql  permissions 
18 days ago by yarngeek
Sensitive Data Exposure via WiFi Broadcasts in Android OS [CVE-2018-9489]
Fixed in Android 9 (Pie) but not in previous Android versions.
Intents: (providing WiFi network name, BSSID, local IP addresses, DNS server information and the MAC address)
- WifiManager's "Network state changed action"
- WifiP2pManager's "Wi-Fi P2P this device changed action"
android  android9  intents  location  vulnerability  permissions 
19 days ago by raulsiles
Folder Permissions not working on some folders - Microsoft Community
I went to open the folder in C:\Windows\Temp and it said I do not have permission to open the folder even though I am on my admin account in fact it is the only account on this pc. So i read on line
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19 days ago by JPG
Downloads – The Eclectic Light Company
Among other bits:

“PermissionScanner – searches folders for files which are either not writable or not readable”
apps  mac  macos  software  timemachine  preferences  permissions  2018 
22 days ago by handcoding
Something odd you can’t fix? Sierra re-introduces repairing permissions – The Eclectic Light Company
This looks to be a pretty comprehensive page on how to repair permissions in macOS Sierra.
macos  mac  osx  permissions  2017  eclecticlight 
22 days ago by handcoding
Something odd you can’t fix? Sierra re-introduces repairing permissions – The Eclectic Light Company
“You should be able to select your Home folder in the Finder, and use the Get Info command in the File menu (or Command-I) to open the Get Info dialog, in which you can fix this. Right at the bottom, ensure the Sharing & Permissions section is open. In there, your name should appear in the top of the three entries, and the privilege set should be Read & Write.”
mac  macos  highsierra  repairpermissions  permissions  2018 
24 days ago by handcoding
Tyranid's Lair: Named Pipe Secure Prefixes
If you’re writing a new named pipe server and you want to make it more difficult for named pipe squatting then adding an appropriate secure prefix will prevent other users, especially low privileged users from creating a new pipe with the same name. If someone knows where this is documented please let me know as I think it’s a useful security feature which few know about.
Windows  NamedPipes  2017  blog  Development  Security  Tutorial  ACL  DACL  permissions  Network 
4 weeks ago by dlb

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