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FOSDEM 2019 - Perl 11
The Perl 11 philosophy includes the 3 primary goals of pluggability at all levels of Perl, performance at-or-beyond the speed of C++, and full reunification of Perl 5 with Perl 6. Perl 11 was formulated in the summer of 2012 by Ingy döt Net, Reini Urban, and Will Braswell.
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14 days ago by snearch
What are your thoughts on sigils? : perl |
Larry Wall notes in an interview that «On a syntactic level, in the particular case of Perl, I placed variable names in a separate namespace from reserved words. That's one of the reasons there are funny characters on the front of variable names -- dollar signs and so forth. That allowed me to add new reserved words without breaking old programs.». Furthermore, first order lists allow for cleaner code sometimes. So I think sigils are great, but naturally inexperienced people often complain that they add clutter or make the code "unreadable" or "messy".

And I find that sigils give my code more visual rhythm and makes it easier to read

This, right here.

I don't need a fancy IDE or somehow encoding the type of the thing into the name of the thing to know what it is. Or, at least, the type of thing that the author wanted the interpreter to treat it as.

Having spent the last couple years in node/javascript land, too often it's a "oh, shit, it's a function?" is too common.
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september 2018 by kme
lib/Data/UUID/ -
vec($uuid, 13, 4) = 0x1; # set UUID version
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august 2018 by colinn

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