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sqitchers/sqitch: Sane database change management
Sane database change management. Contribute to sqitchers/sqitch development by creating an account on GitHub.
github  perl  database-migrations  sqitch 
4 days ago by snahor - GitHub
This script is designed to allow users of the (dv) Dedicated-Virtual Server an alternative option when making backups. Once completed, it should set up an rsync run by a cron which will back up site files and/or databases locally or remotely. It can be run to generate a single backup for all domains at once, or single domains.

This script will not delete backups either locally or on remote servers. You will need to monitor your disk space to ensure you do not exceed any limitations on your server.
backup  script  perl 
5 days ago by dusko
Installing uWSGI — uWSGI 2.0 documentation
python --build core

apt-get install libperl-dev
python --plugin plugins/psgi core
webserver  perl  psgi  uwsgi  dev  bb 
6 days ago by random
FreeBSD UFS2 Snapshot Management Tool
You can use the snap utility to periodically create new snapshots while rotating the olds.

It can also be used to manually create snapshots.
backup  snapshot  freebsd  shell  script  cli  perl 
8 days ago by dusko
This is the best description of a classic CGI app *ever*.

And that shit ran the web for _years_.
Perl  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by electroponix
Snapback2 - automated rsync backup

We have put together an enhanced Snapback script which allows configurable timed backup based on the rsync snapshot research done by Mike Rubel. The script is based on Art Mulder's original snapback. Many thanks to them for making it available.
backup  script  rsync  perl  shell  automation  cli  sysadmin 
13 days ago by dusko

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