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15+ Experts Share Their Web Performance Advice for 2018
15+ Experts Share Their Web Performance Advice for 2018
performance  web  dev 
2 hours ago by nthonygreen
Understanding Python Memory at Instagram
Min Ni talks about how Python memory profiling is done at Instagram, what useful insights they got from memory profiling data, and how such insights turned into efficiency wins for Instagram servers. He shares their learnings from tuning and improving Python memory garbage collection.
python  performance  profiler 
2 days ago by jinwik
JavaScript engine fundamentals: Shapes and Inline Caches · Mathias Bynens
JavaScript engine fundamentals: Shapes and Inline Caches

Published 14th June 2018 · tagged with JavaScript, performance

This article describes some key fundamentals that are common to all JavaScript engines — and not just V8, the engine the authors (Benedikt and Mathias) work on. As a JavaScript developer, having a deeper understanding of how JavaScript engines work helps you reason about the performance characteristics of your code.
Javascript  architecture  performance 
2 days ago by euler

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