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How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques
Some good ideas are tracing SVG outlines as a placeholder, or using the Primitive library to make a representation out of simple shapes
webdesign  performance  images  svg 
yesterday by leereamsnyder
Interactive Results
Results for js web frameworks benchmark – round 7
js  frameworks  performance 
yesterday by scottnelsonsmith
23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading
What greeted me was perhaps the most tailored, best targetted content I’ve seen on the platform since Donald’s Twitter account was deactivated for a blissful 11 minutes.
Performance  Fonts  Tutorials 
yesterday by davidakennedy
WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test
Run a free website speed test from around the globe using real browsers at consumer connection speeds with detailed optimization recommendations.
web  performance  service 
yesterday by oppara
Landing Page Analyzer: Report & Recommendations
Test your landing page's effectiveness and get a free, personalized report of actionable tactics to increase your conversion rates.
tools  marketing  analyzer  page  performance 
yesterday by braposo
BurntSushi/ripgrep: ripgrep combines the usability of The Silver Searcher with the raw speed of grep.
ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore rules. To a first approximation, ripgrep combines the usability of The Silver Searcher (similar to ack) with the raw speed of GNU grep. ripgrep has first class support on Windows, macOS and Linux, with binary downloads available for every release.
macosx  linux  windows  grep  textprocessing  tool  github  opensource  cli  performance  rust 
yesterday by ezequiel

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