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tsenart/vegeta: HTTP load testing tool and library. It's over 9000!
HTTP load testing tool and library. It's over 9000! - tsenart/vegeta
http  benchmark  testing  performance  tool  go 
6 hours ago by reorx - Start Performance Budgeting
It could be a max JavaScript bundle size, total image weight, a specific load time (e.g Time-to-Interactive in under 5s on 3G/4G) or threshold on any number of other metrics
7 hours ago by scottgruber
Idle Until Urgent
Thoughts on web development, open source, software architecture, and the future.

Thoughts on web development, open source, software architecture, and the future.

js  ui  performance  optimization  ux 
8 hours ago by michaelfox
A Tour Inside Cloudflare's G9 Servers
Since the last time we blogged about our G4 servers, we’ve iterated one generation each of the past 5 years. Our latest generation is now the G9 server. From a G4 server comprising 12 Intel Sandybridge CPU cores, our G9 server has 192 Intel Skylake CPU cores ready to handle today’s load across Cloudflare’s network. This server is QCT’s T42S-2U multi-node server where we have 4 nodes per chassis, therefore each node has 48 cores. Maximizing compute density is the primary goal since rental colocation space and power are costly. This 2U4N chassis form factor has served us well for the past 3 generations, we’re revisiting this option once more.
cloudflare  hardware  server  performance  architecture 
10 hours ago by euler
The History of our Solr and Performance · DataFox Tech Blog
Lessons learned:

Don’t bother trying to improve performance unless you have a baseline
Be weary of clever solutions
Users are a lot more patient when they kick off a job & get a notification when it’s done – rather than being forced to sit there and wait
Doubling your hardware won’t always fix your problem
solr  elasticsearch  search  performance  cloud 
11 hours ago by euler
Honest Profiler - Sampling JVM profiler without the safepoint sample bias
Honest Profiler has two main benefits over other sampling profilers on the JVM:

It accurately profiles applications, avoiding an inherent bias towards places that have safepoints.

It profiles applications with significantly lower overhead than traditional profiling techniques, making it suitable for use in production.
Java  JVM  profiler  performance  tools  opensource 
14 hours ago by liqweed
ADF Task Flow Performance Boost with JET UI Shell Wrapper
ADF Task Flow Performance Boost with JET UI Shell Wrapper
taskflow  performance  JET 
19 hours ago by OracleADF

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