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Software disenchantment @
This speaks to me deeply. I would be so, so happy to go around deleting software for years and years.
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5 days ago by rcrowley
bpftrace (DTrace 2.0) for Linux 2018
The private bpftrace repository has just been made public, which is big news for DTrace fans. Created by Alastair Robertson, bpftrace is an open source high-level tracing front-end that lets you analyze systems in custom ways. It's shaping up to be a DTrace version 2.0: more capable, and built from the ground up for the modern era of the eBPF virtual machine. eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) is in the Linux kernel and is the new hotness in systems engineering. It is being developed for BSD, too, where BPF originated.
dtrace  bpf  linux  perf  bpftrace 
6 days ago by euler
Linux Performance
A collection of documents, slides, and videos about Linux performance, mostly created by Brendan Gregg, and with a focus on performance analysis.
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13 days ago by ngaloppo
Idle Until Urgent — Philip Walton
The way this IdleValue class works is it schedules the initialization function to be run during the next idle period. If the idle period occurs before the IdleValue instance is referenced, then no blocking occurs and the value can be returned immediately when requested. But if, on the other hand, the value is referenced before the next idle period, then the scheduled idle callback is canceled and the initialization function is run immediately // nice.
webdev  programming  javascript  latency  perf 
18 days ago by yorksranter
linuxperf/ at master · wenxueliu/linuxperf
systemtap perf perfj ftrace strace dtrace utils and so on - wenxueliu/linuxperf
26 days ago by jinwik

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