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Flame Graphs
Homepage for Flame Graphs: a visualization for stack traces.
programming  performance  flamegraphs  visualization  profiling  debugging  perf  linux  flame  graph 
7 days ago by justahero
GitHub - iipeace/guider: A system-wide analyzer of performance
A system-wide analyzer of performance. Contribute to iipeace/guider development by creating an account on GitHub.
perf  linux 
15 days ago by nham
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Let's build the future of the web. With actionable guidance and analysis, helps developers like you learn and apply the web's modern capabilities to your own sites and apps.
webdev  perf 
28 days ago by nham
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
optimization  rust  perf 
28 days ago by seemore
Open-sourcing FBGEMM for server-side inference - Facebook Code
Facebook is open-sourcing FBGEMM to enable large-scale production servers to run the newest, most powerful deep learning models efficiently.
4 weeks ago by nham

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