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Cabot - a smart percussion robot for solo musicians by UTSUWA Inc. — Kickstarter
UTSUWA Inc. is raising funds for Cabot - a smart percussion robot for solo musicians on Kickstarter!

Simply attach Cabot to a cajon box drum for a whole new jamming experience!
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january 2019 by gilberto5757
Eight Ways to Use Shimmer Shake Strike - YouTube
Some tips:

- Pan one perc L, another type of perc R

- Use *different* perc in one verse than another (different instrument or rhythm - e.g. I do this with bongos in "Chain Gang")

(This is a promo for software, but can apply to real perc)
percussion  recording  music 
january 2019 by jaltcoh
2018 Holiday Bundle: 10 inch CajonTab® with Bag – Louson Drums
Many of our customers choose to purchase a carry bag for their drum to protect it from damage while traveling. Usually a 10" CajonTab ($179) and a messenger bag ($59) would cost $238. Bag supplies are limited, though. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  cajon  drum  percussion  portable 
december 2018 by ChristopherA
Home - Sonika Percussion
$ 489,00 0 out of 5 Add to CartView Cart via Pocket
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november 2018 by ChristopherA

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