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Spellbound by methos2523
"Upon receiving startling news that he has a daughter than had been hidden from him, Tony Stark heads to England to take care of the only family he has left. How will he cope becoming the sole guardian for a teenage witch, who comes with her own set of problems and an entire new world for him to understand?"

pros: positive portrayal of all the weasleys esp ginny and molly, strong female friendships/relationships; cons: pacing is quite slow, no harry or ron yet
updated 3/29/18
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  ironman:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  pepper/tony  wip 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
And beyond by alchemyalice
"In which death isn't exactly what Tony expected it to be, Natasha finds gainful employment, and Steve finds a home--and a path forward--where he least expects it. "
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  author:alchemyalice  pepper/tony  steve/tony  pepper/steve/tony  unread 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
One more, for love by shadaras
"Pepper’s seen hundreds of Iron Man suits over the years, maybe thousands if she counted all the discarded designs. This was different. Sleek. Forget-me-not blue and purest silver. No visible heart on its chest; just luminary rays accenting the soft curves."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  pepper/tony 
april 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Room by Room by et2brute
It does things. To Tony. Things he maybe mistook for irritation, for anger, in the beginning. Revisited, he's starting to wonder if they might be other things entirely.

All on his own, Tony's learning that he's in a little bit of trouble here.

In which Tony is shit at making friends and Steve doesn't quite make up for it.
m-mcu  r:e  m/m  f/m  steve/tony  pepper/tony  infidelity 
april 2019 by vk2ria
everybody needs a reason why they run by napricot
"Pepper doesn’t often regret the improbable circumstances and choices that brought her, Tony, and Jim to the SGC and then to Atlantis. After all, being an intergalactic explorer is way cooler than being the right hand woman of Stark Industries’ heir Tony Stark. But when strangers show up during her Gate team’s milk run of a trading mission, she’s got a bad feeling she knows better than to ignore.

Which is how Pepper’s Gate team ends up picking up a stray in the form of a metal-armed runner with a mysterious past and learning about a dangerous new sect of Wraith worshippers called Hydrans. But the Atlanteans aren’t the only ones interested in the Hydrans: there are stories spreading throughout the Pegasus Galaxy about the Nomad and the Widows, three maybe-heroes who have set their sights on the Hydrans and the Wraith.

Meanwhile, Tony’s trying to figure out if there’s something more to Atlantis’s helpful new hospitality-oriented subroutines, and Master Sergeant Sam Wilson is trying to have just one offworld mission where shit doesn’t get weird."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fusion  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  marvelmovieverse:stargate  avengers:stargate  pepper/tony  bucky/peggy/steve  nc-17  unread 
march 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
We all fall down by niennanir
"The difference between victory and defeat often lies in the smallest choices made on the field of battle. When one split second decision has unexpected consequences, the Avengers find themselves taking a hard look at their own individual choices."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  pepper/tony  bucky/natasha  betty/bruce  clint/coulson  jane/thor  unread 
february 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
sitcom by brandywine421
"We need to call in a ringer," Steve said suddenly. "Of course. Daredevil." Sam held back his comments.

"That nutjob from Hell's Kitchen?" Tony frowned. "The hell does he have to do with anything?" Tony gave Steve an expectant look.

"She met him when she was stalking a gang of ninjas or something - she wasn't working, just curious, I think," Steve shrugged. Clint held up his hand for a high-five and Sam rolled his eyes in annoyance. "She gave me a lot of TMI - "

"Wait, what?" Tony interrupted. "What kind of TMI?"

Wanda sighed dramatically. "Daredevil keeps his fingers and his mouth exposed for very good reasons." There went Sam's restrained comments.

"Anyway - " Steve cut her off and Sam stopped Clint from giving her a high-five. "What little she told me about his 'skills' involved excellent night-vision and bitterness toward electronics."
Fic  Het  Daredevil  Avengers  Foggy/Marcy  Pepper/Tony  Sam/Natasha  Weddings  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
Pepper Potts Gets a Life - roboticonography - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Pepper decides it's time to stop obsessing over Tony and get a life of her own. It doesn't go quite the way she planned.
type:fic  cat:het  Pepper/Tony  ch:pepper.potts  ch:tony.stark  mcu  type:rec.mine  mcu:im 
november 2018 by snickfic
Heartbreaker, Dream maker (a love taker) - Anonymous - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Phil Coulson may not be able to see as well from a distance as his lover, Clint Barton. But even he can tell something is wrong when Tony Stark drops a bombshell one team night.
Avengers  Fanfiction  AU  Hurt/Comfort  Friendship  Slash  EstablishedRelationship  Fluff  SoulMarks  SoulBonds  Clint/Coulson  Pepper/Tony  Oneshot 
september 2018 by Dohwa
whose laugh i could recognise anywhere - closingdoors - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The press conference wasn't the first time he'd proposed to her.

(Tony, Pepper, and the gentle surprise of domesticity.)
type:fic  cat:het  Pepper/Tony  ch:pepper.potts  ch:tony.stark  mcu  type:rec.mine  mcu:im 
august 2018 by snickfic
What we know about Pepper by endrina
"Pepper is more than Tony’s assistant-turned-girlfriend. She has a life, or five."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  author:endrina  genfic  pepper/tony  unread 
july 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
the machinery of the heavens laid bare by lunabee34 / lorraine
"Nebula and Tony head to Earth after their defeat on Titan.

“Get up,” Nebula says. “We should find a ship.”

The man wipes his face; the boy’s ashes leave streak marks across his cheeks. “Yeah,” he says. “Okay. Let’s do that. Why not?”"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  genfic  pepper/tony  mantis/nebula  recommended 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Concession - obsession_inc - Iron Man (Movieverse) [Archive of Our Own]

An AU diverging from canon after the first movie: Christine Everhart investigates the disappearance of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. No warnings, no guarantees.

"Once you consent to some concession, you can never cancel it and put things back the way they are." - Howard Hughes
awesome.ladies.awesoming  fandom:marvel  gen  location:ao3  warning:alittlesad  pepper/tony  length:20-30k  outsider.pov  warning:major.character.death 
august 2017 by concinnity
Breaking It Up - amonitrate - Iron Man (2008) [Archive of Our Own]
Later, in another lifetime, she'll recognize the look in his eyes. She'll be able to read what's underneath the naked desire. Now, though, the desire is all she sees. Words:2961
Ironman  Pepper/Tony  fic  short  preMovie 
may 2017 by skogsraa
the kindly ones - irnan - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
John Webster said it was better to be fortunate than wise - well, says Tony. I say: is it too much to ask for both?
fic  Marvel  IronMan  movieverse  TonyStark  Pepper/Tony  irnan  genderfuck  !  !!  !!! 
december 2016 by adanska
spectrum - irnan - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony sets out to learn to play with others. Pepper enables him. The Avengers spend a lot of time pretending they’re not grateful for the chance to play back.

Except for Steve, who corners Tony in the workshop one day and actually says thank you out loud, which Tony considers the grossest violation of both Tower rules and common decency in general and won't talk to him for a week.
fic  Marvel  Avengers  movieverse  TonyStark  PepperPotts  BruceBanner  BettyRoss  NatashaRomanova  ClintBarton  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  PeggyCarter  MariaHill  Pepper/Tony  Peggy/Steve  Peggy/Natasha  Steve/Natasha  Bucky/Natasha  Bucky/Steve  Bucky/Peggy  Bucky/Natasha/Steve/Peggy  Betty/Bruce  irnan  post-movie  AvengersTower 
december 2016 by adanska

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