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this one gives some immediate info before demanding money
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22 hours ago by Cloudwalker
Stories from people of all backgrounds and beliefs.
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yesterday by Anne
OOOM | Inspiring People
Our ooom motto is inspiring people — that’s our mission. We’re entrepreneurs, publishers, media and communications experts, and consultants. In a digital + high-tech world, people long for inspiration.

We use our expertise, creativity, and enthusiasm to help people and companies to reach their goals in a different, better, and more sustainable way. The magazine covers visionaries, pioneers, and inspirational leaders — and is one of the leading lifestyle magazines in Germany.
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2 days ago by gdw
Slate: Falls Like Ginsburg’s Don’t Seem Like a Big Deal. They Are.
As Ruth Bader Ginsburg has aged, she has earned a certain notoriety, thanks to her formidable career and, let’s face it, her celebrated workout routines. Her boxing, in particular, is evidence that she is a fighter in both the intellectual and physical sense. But she is also human, and sometimes humans, due to advanced age or bone density, fall. Ginsburg is reported to have fallen in her office Wednesday night, and per her doctor’s visit Thursday morning, she cracked three of her ribs in her fall. Given this, her age, and the fact that she likely takes blood thinners (standard practice for patients with cardiac stents, like the one she had placed in 2014), it must be acknowledged that, statistically speaking, her risk of developing dangerous and even deadly complications in the short term is alarmingly high, perhaps exceeding 50 percent. (I am not her doctor and have not evaluated her personally.) Fortunately, Ginsburg has a good track record of beating the odds. I am confident she has nothing but the best medical care and that she and her physicians are doing everything possible to maximize her chances for a swift recovery. But falls are also serious medical events, even though they seem trivial. The challenge for patients, their families, and their doctors is recognizing how serious such injuries can be and figuring out how to properly treat them before complications develop.
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2 days ago by lehmannro
The Atlantic: What Beto Won
You could fill a book with the differences between the Texas Democratic Party in 2018 and the state GOP in 1960, just as you could fill a book with the caveats necessary to write any article that suggests there’s anything at all of interest to national observers about Texas Democrats. Many of those caveats have real weight, and I don’t think I’d put any meaningful amount of money on the proposition that the Texas Democratic Party is going to start seizing the levers of power anytime soon.

But while the strong results the party scored across the board in Texas this year aren’t the end of the status quo, they just might be the beginning of the end. If we’re going to ask whether Texas might “turn blue”—the wrong question anyway, but let’s entertain it—it makes sense first to think about how Texas “turned red,” and how the state’s Democratic party got this weak in the first place. What happened in the state on Tuesday, from the marquee Senate contest between Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz down to the election for Harris County tax assessor, reflects that broader history. But the way many talk about Texas does not.
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2 days ago by lehmannro

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