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Discusses leadership ideas from Turn this Ship around.
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10 hours ago by benkutil
Fabrice Bellard: Portrait of a Super-Productive Programmer
"A bit of background provides the context to understand this record clearly. It’s common in programming folklore to talk about how a particular program was pulled together in one intense weekend, or during a vacation interval. Many of these tales are true, as far as they go; several of the best-known programs were first launched with a specific effort of just a few days. This leads some to expect that those few days define the life cycle of program development: A sufficiently clever programmer can create the Linux kernel this holiday season, take the next weekend off to invent the Ruby programming language, build an award-winning iPad game the following month, and so on.

It’s not so. Just because top sprinters finish a hundred meters in under ten seconds doesn’t mean they sustain that pace for the duration of a marathon. When Bellard wrote LZEXE, for example, he created a program that performed the data compression he needed at one particular time (it was the first widely-used executable file compressor for MS-DOS).

What’s notable is that he also invested the follow-up effort to ensure the software was engineered well-enough to work on other computers and on multiple operating systems, could be understood and maintained by others, was adequately documented, licensed to be useful, and so on. All those apparently secondary activities typically take orders of magnitude more time than the original coding at the heart of a successful program."
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12 hours ago by ssam
A N G E L A N I K O L A U (@angela_nikolau) • Instagram photos and videos
555.8k Followers, 152 Following, 674 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from A N G E L A N I K O L A U (@angela_nikolau)
yesterday by endoverse
Lynn Fisher
A different layout for every screen size is fun engagement for the design curiou
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yesterday by dbarba
The Grocery List Sketched by Michelangelo - Gastro Obscura
Owned by the Casa Buonarroti museum in Florence, Italy, this 500-year-old list was written and illustrated by the sculptor/painter/poet/personality on the back of a letter. Michelangelo’s servant was likely illiterate, so Michelangelo sketched out what he wanted to eat.
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yesterday by JohnDrake
Khabar: People in Peril: Indians in South Africa ;;;
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