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Ken Russell's Brilliant Photos of Teddy Girls from 1955 - Flashbak
In 1955 Ken Russell was commissioned to take photographs of working class girls in neo-edwardian clothing who called themselves Teddy Girls
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yesterday by fdedic
CNN: The power of a named accuser: Kavanaugh's future now hangs in the balance
Brett Kavanaugh's accuser now has a name, and the Republican Party's bid to swiftly lift him onto the Supreme Court may be spinning out of control.

The coming hours could decide whether the GOP can stabilize the confirmation process of President Donald Trump's nominee or whether his hopes of being the man to enshrine a conservative majority for a generation could begin to crumble.
usa  law  politics  people 
yesterday by lehmannro
About MCK » MCK Building Associates, Inc.
MCK Building Associates, Inc. was established in 1978 by Robert Medina, Ted Kinder, and Irving Candee as a residential and light commercial construction company based in Syracuse, NY.

2 days ago by maoxian
CityMaking ! Wien | Parklets
A parklet transform your street into a social node where you can share with your neighboors.
wien  vienna  tool  citizens  city  park  public  urbanism  people 
2 days ago by fdedic
Vienna Provides Toolkit For Citizens To Create Their Own Pocket Parks
Over the course of this parklet season, around 30 spots across the Austrian capital have already been transformed into outdoor meeting points.
vienna  wien  park  public  urbanism  city  people 
2 days ago by fdedic
Politico: As financial crisis shook the nation, Trump’s team saw payoff
Millions of average Americans lost their livelihoods and homes as the global financial crisis spiraled out of control a decade ago. But not President Donald Trump and his administration's top financial advisers, who treated the meltdown as a chance to get richer.

Steven Mnuchin, now Treasury secretary, led a group of investors who bought a failed thrift with government help and then sold it at a profit. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, then CEO of a buyout firm, also made money from U.S.-backed purchases of failed banks. Former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn, then president of Goldman Sachs, once touted that the investment bank brought in $373 million in a single day betting against the mortgage market.
usa  money  people  trump 
3 days ago by lehmannro
CNN: What happened to Tucker Carlson? This journalist set out to find the answer.
Years ago, Tucker Carlson was a well-regarded conservative writer with award-nominated articles and praise from journalism's top editors. Now, he shouts about immigrants, cries that big tech is stifling conservative voices, and poses questions like "How, precisely, is diversity our strength?" on his nightly Fox News show.

Carlson's journey has puzzled media critics for years. "What happened to Tucker Carlson?" they want to know. Now, Lyz Lenz, a writer with the Columbia Journalism Review, may have found the answer: Nothing.
usa  people  journalism 
3 days ago by lehmannro

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