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John Cleese on Monty Python and Political Correctness
“Jesus is said to have never laughed in the Bible, and I think it’s because laughter contains an element of surprise — something about the human condition that you haven’t spotted yet — and Jesus was rarely surprised. I still laugh, but many of the things that would have made me laugh 30 years ago — paradoxes about human nature — wouldn’t make me laugh any more because I just believe them to be true”
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Bio — Robert J. Sternberg
He is married to Karin Sternberg, PhD, and has two grown-up children, Seth and Sara, as well as triplets Samuel, Brittany, and Melody.

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64 Reach Run, Ithaca, NY 14850 | Zillow
05/01/14 Sold $670,000
Robert J. Sternberg is Professor of Human Development in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University.
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Élisée Reclus - Wikipedia
According to Kirkpatrick Sale:[2]

His geographical work, thoroughly researched and unflinchingly scientific, laid out a picture of human-nature interaction that we today would call bioregionalism. It showed, with more detail than anyone but a dedicated geographer could possibly absorb, how the ecology of a place determined the kinds of lives and livelihoods its denizens would have and thus how people could properly live in self-regarding and self-determined bioregions without the interference of large and centralized governments that always try to homogenize diverse geographical areas.
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