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What Americans Don’t Know They Just Lost – Eudaimonia and Co
"Let’s take those one by one. They live three to five years longer than Americans. And American life expectancy is falling by a year every year, while European life expectancies grow — so this gap, three to five years — where will it stop? My guess — and it’s based on countries who have collapsed into autocracy, like Russia, in ironically similar ways to America — is around a decade or so. Then there are richer lives. In America middle income is flat — and it has been since the 70s. Hence, the middle class is shrinking, since costs have risen through the roof. But in Europe middle classes have grown, and incomes have risen. And when we look at life in Europe, it’s a much happier, gentler, saner exercise. Europeans aren’t shooting each other in schools, no opioid epidemic is ripping through their towns, there’s no skyrocketing suicide rate."
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november 2018 by daguti
Three Lies That are Setting Fire to the World – Eudaimonia and Co
"Your plight is the fault of those weaker than you. “Do you know why you are not enjoying the riches you were promised, the ones you deserve, the greatness you were promised?”, bellow the demagogues. “It’s their fault!” And by that, they mean whomever is different, vulnerable, and powerless. So in America, it’s Mexicans and Muslims, in Britain, it’s Eastern Europeans, and in Eastern Europe, it’s refugees and Africans. Do you see this food chain of folly — this hierarchy of predation? Every society’s demagogues and aspiring tyrants are demonizing and scapegoating the weakest and most vulnerable, to bid for power. Let’s think about why this is such an obvious, funny, tragic lie."
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october 2018 by daguti
Why Does America Have So Many Predators? – Eudaimonia and Co
meetup-movnat = This reminds me of my idea that modern society has traumatized many of us through the philosophy that we constantly need to be busy, running around, doing work, neglegtinc our of our health and relationships.
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november 2017 by daguti
Great text-to-video, fast, cheap, dummy-ready? - kinetictypography whiteboard youtube | Ask MetaFilter
One simple hack: Do a screencast recording of a Prezi ................... One of the last comments mentions, but that domain is down. I did a search and it looks like it's web based now:

Prezi is the presentation software that I discovered through Umair Haque's BRITE '09 presentation. (that's the only reason I tagged it people-umair-haque)
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december 2013 by daguti

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