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Wikipedia - Up Against the Wall Motherfucker
"Dumped uncollected refuse from the Lower East Side into the fountain at Lincoln Center on the opening night of a gala "bourgeois cultural event" during a NYC garbage strike (an event documented in the 1968 Newsreel film Garbage)."
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I Paid To See A Movie About Singing. I Got Ninety Minutes Of Pentagon Propaganda.
To cap off a long, strange day, my husband and I took the kids out last night to see Pitch Perfect 3. The first Pitch Perfect is a firm favorite in our household, the kind of movie we end up…
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11 days ago by hthief
Hollywood films and TV shows have been used for years to sell , , and militarism. To film and jou…
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may 2019 by jstenner
Pentagon: US in Syria 'for the long haul;' hails Peshmerga in 'Operation Viking Hammer'
Michael Mulroy, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense, affirmed on Monday that the US does “expect to be” in Syria “for the long haul.”

Syria solving Rubik's cube report author

Heras his view, he replied with strong praise.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces coalition has been heroic,” Heras said. “What started out as a multi-ethnic coalition of militias has emerged into a governance, administrative, and political-security apparatus that—although it still has some challen...
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