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Die Tricks der Discounter | Doku & Reportage | NDR - YouTube
Blown away especially by the master baker and the way he was able to pick the loaves apart.
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may 2019 by shadowspar
Wenn ihr bei einkauft, könnt ihr nun auch mit und bezahlen. Bis Jahresende wird das in all…
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december 2018 by tmmd
Penny rollt bundesweit Visa- und Mastercard-Akzeptanz aus » Finanzen, Kostenloses und mehr
Penny rollt bundesweit Visa- und Mastercard-Akzeptanz aus Penny akzeptiert bereits Payback Pay Herr ;-)
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november 2018 by tmmd
ask me to go faster - eversall - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Life never happened the same way twice, or something like that. Alice sighed and looked at him like she could read his mind, and he didn’t tell her that every time he looked at Eliot he remembered the way that the other man had looked at him on their fifth anniversary in past Fillory, his gaze reverent and warm in the flickering light from the fire, and for the first time since he’d been told magic was real, the shadow in his mind had gone quiet and content, for just long enough that Quentin had felt like he’d gotten a glimpse of the sun.
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october 2018 by bekap

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