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Brett Kavanaugh's penis
Yet more stories of horrible behavior from the Supreme Court Justice
kavanaugh  assault  sexualabuse  penis  politics  supremecourt  trump 
14 hours ago by nelson
The generative bone of Genesis
Article arguing that "Adam's rib" is actually a euphemism for his penis and the story of its removal in Genesis is an explanation for the lack of a penis bone in humans and for the raphe
genesis  bible  penis  anatomy  tootme 
12 days ago by nelson
Fungal Hallucinogens Send Cicadas on Sex Binges After Their Genitals Fall Off
In latest gruesome nature news, scientists have discovered new details on a fungus that compels its cicada hosts to mate long after their genitals have gone and their bodies have turned into what one researcher colourfully describes as 'flying salt shakers of death'.
additivism  cicadas  evolution  fungus  genitas  hallucination  insect  penis  insects  nature  sex  stream 
10 weeks ago by therourke
Designers built an AI penis detector to protest Google’s prudish doodles - The Verge
In 2016 Google built an AI doodle detector called Quick, Draw! It was basically AI Pictionary, but there was one doodle it couldn’t detect: a penis. It’s a big omission and to rectify Google’s mistake, Mozilla foundation and Dutch design studio Moniker have designed an AI penis doodle detector. It’s a silly joke, but also a protest against US tech giants imposing their morals on the internet.
google  penis  drawing  dataset 
june 2019 by pmigdal
Oder Penisse.

(Da habt ihr gestaunt, wie merkwürdig der Plural von aussieht..!)
Penis  from twitter
march 2019 by springfeld

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