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NSE barred from accessing securities market for 6 months
.. it is established beyond doubt that NSE has not exercised the requisite due diligence while putting in place the TBT (tick-by-tick) architecture," The same created a trading environment in which the information dissemination was asymmetric, which cannot be considered fair and equitable." Sebi’s investigation revealed that the trading data that was received by Infotech from NSE for research in the liquidity index project was being misused for developing algorithm trading products. .when a data-sharing agreement purely meant for research purposes assumes the colour of a commercial agreement, thereby providing privileged access to confidential and exclusive trade data of the exchange to a select few persons who clandestinely exploit the said data for their commercial gains, it leads to serious issues leading to compromise on market integrity,"
markets  penalties 
10 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Credit reference agency Equifax fined for security breach
The ICO fines Equifax £500K, the maximum amount possible under the old Data Protection Act (via Privacy Kit)
via:privacy-kit  ico  equifax  privacy  data-protection  uk  penalties  law 
september 2018 by jm
High Courts Across The Country Directing Litigants To Pay Costs Towards Kerala Flood Relief Fund...
As God’s own country, Kerala struggles to get back up after being raved by floods, High Courts across the country are doing their bit to help with the rehabilitation of the affected people. While several High Court judges and staff members have donated to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund for the State of Kerala, the judges are also directing litigants to pay costs towards the relief fund.(Not covered in above article)The Bombay High Court has ordered Galpha Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company to pay Rs 1.5 crore to the Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund after holding it guilty of copying a product of a Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, under the Intellectual Property Rights Act.
oddly  judgements  penalties  disasters  laws  statutes 
september 2018 by thomas.kochi
A USCIS immigration policy change threatens non-citizens with deportation if they lose status — Quartz

On June 28, USCIS announced that non-citizens who apply for a “benefit”–such as an extension or change of status, a green card, or citizenship—would be placed in deportation proceedings if that benefit is denied. For years, a criminal conviction has been required to be fast-tracked for deportation. Now, merely losing your petition for visa extension, being charged with a crime, or doing something DHS considers to be criminal (even if never arrested or charged) places you on the same fast-track.

this is grotesque
immigration  citizenship  usa  penalties 
july 2018 by po
Gareth Southgate looks to lay ghost of Euro 96 penalty shootout to rest | Football | The Guardian
The night he assured Bryan Robson that, yes, he had taken a penalty before. “Bryan didn’t ask for details,” Southgate later recalled. “That suited me. My penalty career had been brief: one missed effort for Crystal Palace three seasons previously.”
football  southgate  penalties 
july 2018 by yorksranter
How to Make a Library Management System with MS Access
In this article, we look at How MS Access can be used to run a Library Management system. We also provide practical insights on designing such applications
Library  Management  System  MS  Access  Ensure  Proper  Cataloging  Provisions  Search  Engine  Have  fixed  penalties  mdb  corruption 
march 2018 by DataNumen
Produce or Else: Wal-Mart and Kroger Get Tough With Food Suppliers on Delays
Nov. 27, 2017 | WSJ | By Annie Gasparro, Heather Haddon and Sarah Nassauer

Grocers are giving food companies a tougher mandate: Ship on time, or pay the price.
Food retailers want their suppliers to resolve the persistent problem of delayed or incomplete deliveries, which they say costs them millions of dollars a year in lost sales and overtime pay.
Retailers used to give suppliers more leeway, since any number of factors—bad weather, a surge in demand, technology malfunctions—can foil deliveries of cereal, cheese, candy and other packaged goods from warehouses scattered around the country.
But now as traditional grocers battle<> Inc. and other online retailers that prioritize delivery speed, as well as price-cutting discounters, more are taking a strict line with suppliers, telling them on-time deliveries will translate directly into more sales and profits.
Delayed deliveries can leave holes on store shelves. Sales of some $75 billion a year are lost because products are out of stock or unsalable for other reasons, according to the Food Marketing Institute, a trade organization. That is about 10% of annual grocery sales industry-wide at a time when sales growth is hard to come by. “It’s a massive opportunity from a financial and customer standpoint,” .....The country’s biggest grocers are leading the charge. Kroger is fining suppliers $500 for every order that is more than two days late to any of its 42 warehouses, and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is charging suppliers monthly fines of 3% for deliveries that don’t arrive exactly on time, according to the retailers. They began issuing the fines in August........Wal-Mart has signaled it could do more than levy fines if problems persist. Charles Redfield, executive vice president of food for Wal-Mart U.S., told suppliers they could also lose shelf space if they don’t solve their delivery issues, according to people in attendance at a supplier meeting earlier this year. Retailers can threaten suppliers with loss of promotional space in stores, analysts said.....Packaged-goods companies are straining to keep up with the demands and remain in the good graces of retailers. They need GPS trackers and software to adjust routes in real time. Filling full orders fast is also challenging, since many manufacturers house items all over the country. That is particularly true for refrigerated items needing costly cold storage—which has fueled investments in more fulfillment centers......“Shipping complete orders on time is a completely reasonable request but turns out it’s harder than it sounds.”...
Wal-Mart  Kroger  grocery  supermarkets  supply_chains  retailers  delays  food  shipping  Amazon  cold_storage  penalties  delivery_times  fulfillment  CPG  Kraft_Heinz  P&G  on-time  shelf_space  supply_chain_squeeze 
november 2017 by jerryking

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