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Thanks a lot for referring to my thesis in an "Essay of the day" post! :-)
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december 2017 by reallifedesign
P2P Foundation
The P2P Foundation is a global network of researchers, activists, and citizens monitoring and promoting actions geared towards a transition to a Commons-based society. We are a decentralized, self-organized, globally distributed community building an information-commons ecosystem for the growing P2P/Commons movement. We examine both the digital and the material worlds, their freedoms and restrictions, scarcities and abundances. We are an incubator and catalyst, focusing on the "missing pieces" and the interconnectedness that can lead to a wider movement.
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october 2016 by jaysen
Continuations : The Next Frontier for Peer Production: Open...
Albert Wenger in 2013 talking about applying machine learning to the output of peer produced content to create something more valuable
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august 2016 by fraser
Social peer-to-peer processes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are several fundamental aspects of social P2P processes:

peer production - the collaborative production of use value is open to participation and use to the widest possible number (as defined by Yochai Benkler, in his essay Coase's Penguin);[1]
peer governance - production or project is governed by the community of producers themselves, not by market allocation or corporate hierarchy;
peer property - the use-value of property is freely accessible on a universal basis; peer services and products are distributed through new modes of property, which are not exclusive, though recognize individual authorship (i.e. the GNU General Public License or the Creative Commons licenses).

Peer production does not produce commodities for exchange value, and does not use the price mechanism or corporate hierarchy to determine the allocation of resources.
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october 2014 by MicrowebOrg
Marcel Weiß - Market *and* government. Anyone who is arguing for a...
Market *and* government. Anyone who is arguing for a society with only one is either an idiot or an extremist. not to be taken seriously.
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Martin Lindner there's nothing in between? most of these myriads of everyday activities permanentliy stabilizing & refreshing the system are neither-nor, i'd argue.
1 Std · Gefällt mir

Marcel Weiß What do you mean with 'in between'? (Serious question)
1 Std · Gefällt mir

Martin Lindner maybe what i meant is: on a more fundamental layer. following a logic which is neither "government" nor "market". collaborating, getting the wider meta-system going, in daily actions and transactions, communications & informations.

here "market" or "government" becomes effective (and visible) mainly in critical moments, like in this very small, nearly bankrupt, trying-to-deal-with-digital-disruption commerce-shop i'm working part-time now.

but a big part of civilization lies in common-sensical-trying-to-get-along-together, within given structures which have somehow emerged. (also influenced by technology/media-evolution, for example. "government" & "market" do play a role in this process-of-emergence, no doubt, just as "socio-political movements" do btw, but in a complicated way, on a different, quite high layer of abstraction.)

disclaimer: i'm just guessing (very) vaguely here. i think there is something true in that, but it is far from being a theory.
1 Std · Gefällt mir

Marcel Weiß yes, of course. what Benkler is talking about for what it feels like decades. Bringing that into the above statement would have altered what I wanted to comment on though. (the debate isn't ready yet.) But I wholeheartedly agree. The different ways of organizing and allocating scarce ressources have always been and are now even more than ever those three.
28 Min · Gefällt mir

Martin Lindner wouldn't it be important to use/create wording for world-selfdescription that doesn't reduce all phenomena to either "government" nor "market"?("society" is a weak substitute.)
9 Min · Bearbeitet · Gefällt mir

Marcel Weiß well, Benklers common based peerproduction is quite a mouth full.. I don't know.
6 Min · Gefällt mir

Martin Lindner i didn't even mean exactly "peer production" (although this is related). the grey, everyday peer practices. the dark matter of reproduction and growth of systems.
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october 2014 by MicrowebOrg

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