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Disintegration loop patch - Organelle / Patching - Critter & Guitari
No actual PD patch here ... but some links to guitar pedals and inspiration
delay  effects  tape  pedals  guitar  inspiration  organelle 
6 days ago by ssam
Designing the Atom Smasher Spin FV1 Pedal - Alex Lynham - Medium
Since making the Atom Smasher public, I’m now getting a moderate stream of people asking me about digital pedals and how to make them, both from a hobbyist/DIY point of view and presumably with a…
pedals  electronics  diy 
october 2019 by vitriolix
Spin Semiconductor - Products
For analogue to digital converter circuit, Spin Semiconductor designs and markets specialized mixed signal integrated circuits for the consumer music and audio industries
audio  electronics  diy  pedals  dsp 
october 2019 by vitriolix

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