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Guitar Effects 101: Choosing the Right Pedalboard Order
Natural Sounded Chain: Boost/Fuzz/Distortion + EQ/Wah + Compressor + Modulation (Flanger, Vibrato, Phaser, Chorus etc) + Delay/Reverb
pedal  order  effect 
5 weeks ago by peng.zhang
Getting the Most Our of Your Delay Pedal
simple explanation of delay params: time/rate, mix/volume/delay/depth, repeat/feedback/regeneration.
guitar  delay  pedal  mix  time  repeat 
8 weeks ago by peng.zhang
10 Best Midi Foot Controllers: Which is Right For You? (2018) |
Can't fit another MIDI-to-USB audio interface on your desk? It's time to move to a MIDI foot controller. Choose from the best pedals and footswitches here.
midi  pedal 
11 weeks ago by nyjelj
12 Position Vintage Spec Wilson Wah
12 Position Vintage Spec Wilson Wah
bass  wah  pedal  guitar 
12 weeks ago by brianr
(2) Meris Ottobit Jr, Polymoon and Mercury7 IN STEREO - Ambient bliss awaits! - YouTube
Short video on combining 3 Meris pedals, so you have Ottobit with reverb, delay, etc.
ottobit  meris  delay  video  pedal  bit  random  stutter  glitch 
12 weeks ago by jaltcoh

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