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10 Best Midi Foot Controllers: Which is Right For You? (2018) |
Can't fit another MIDI-to-USB audio interface on your desk? It's time to move to a MIDI foot controller. Choose from the best pedals and footswitches here.
midi  pedal 
14 days ago by nyjelj
12 Position Vintage Spec Wilson Wah
12 Position Vintage Spec Wilson Wah
bass  wah  pedal  guitar 
21 days ago by brianr
(2) Meris Ottobit Jr, Polymoon and Mercury7 IN STEREO - Ambient bliss awaits! - YouTube
Short video on combining 3 Meris pedals, so you have Ottobit with reverb, delay, etc.
ottobit  meris  delay  video  pedal  bit  random  stutter  glitch 
21 days ago by jaltcoh
(2) Meris Effects - Ottobit Jr. - YouTube
Very good at showing how to get glitch + stutter effects similar to the kind of '00s instrumental music I like! Notice the "stutter" knob with a "random" setting.

Video says it's "the best bitcrusher of all time"
ottobit  pedal  video  synth  glitch 
21 days ago by jaltcoh
How To Reprogram Your BBS02BBSHD So You Can Use Pedal Assist On SingleTrack Without Getting Killed |
Ever since I got my first BBS02 2 years ago I pretty much gave up on pedal assist for anything except riding on the road. The stock programming on the BBS02 from the factory is absolute crap and it takes a lot of pedal movement to get the PAS system to activate and then after…
bbshd  bbs02  ebike  pedal  assist 
4 weeks ago by rdump
Demo: JHS Muffuletta Fuzz - YouTube
Very useful demo!

starts with wah-heavy grunge solo

after 3:00 - light gain Hendrix "Little Wing"-esque solo

4:55 - heavy distortion, soloing with delay pedal

around 6:00 - "synth"-like or "hip-hop" tone: no delay, high sustain, max tone, "triangle" mode

around 7:30 - Smashing Pumpkins "Zero" w/ low delay, high dist and tone, π mode

8:20 - "gritty blues" setting (this is a famous indie rock song - ask Ak what it is???)

9:30 - first mode with "atmospheric" delay + wah pedal (he uses this for Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" solo at 10:25)
jhs  muffuletta  distortion  fuzz  pedal  video 
5 weeks ago by jaltcoh

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