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Red Panda Particle Review - - YouTube
Beginning of video shows how "dns" mode can give either a NORMAL or weirder delay. NOTE: HE'S USING AN EXPRESSION PEDAL OFF CAMERA, so you need to figure out what makes the difference (try moving the "delay" and "param" knobs).
delay  particle  red.panda  pedal  guitar  video 
4 days ago by jaltcoh
Red Panda Particle - YouTube
Good example of REVERSE guitar solo (0:56)

Nice combo of "random" mode with a dist. pedal (2:20)
particle  red.panda  guitar  pedal  video 
4 days ago by jaltcoh
DIY Pelton Hydro Power with a 500W EBike Hub motor - YouTube
DIY Pelton Hydro Power with a 500W EBike Hub motor
DIY  Pelton  Hydro  Power  with  a  500W  EBike  Hub  motor  paddle  pedal  boat  1st 
26 days ago by kilroy2

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