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How Systems Thinking Can Transform Journalism - Journalism + Design
We believe that journalists and newsrooms should understand the role that they themselves play in systems. And journalists can certainly use their power and roles as information gatekeepers to equip community members with the context they need to make more informed decisions.

A key assumption in our approach is the idea that news organizations can collaborate with their communities to spark positive social change.
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16 days ago by paulbradshaw
Comp Hydro Home
The Comp Hydro project addresses one of the most daunting challenges to developing scientific literacy in students: integrating teaching and learning of key ideas and practices of place-based environmental science with computational and quantitative science in authentic, innovative and effective ways. The basic premise of the project is that in order for students to develop quantitative model-based reasoning in environmental science, their classroom learning experiences need to reflect the practices of real world science – including computational modeling of Earth systems.
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17 days ago by tonyyet

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