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How Women’s Participation in Conflict Prevention and Resolution Advances U.S. Interests
Oct 2016 Council on Foreign Relations paper
The next U.S. administration should require women’s representation and meaningful participation in conflict resolution and postconflict processes, increase investment in efforts that promote women’s inclusion, reform U.S. diplomatic and security practices to incorporate the experiences of women in conflict-affected countries, improve staffing and coordination to deliver on government commitments, strengthen training on incorporating women in security efforts, and promote accountability. These steps will help the United States respond effectively to security threats around the world, improve the sustainability of peace agreements, and advance U.S. interests.
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october 2016 by strohps
The Siege of Jadotville | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix - YouTube
RT : Interested in ? Watch "The Siege of Jadotville" on Netflix. Irish infantry coy in Katanga/ONUC 1961
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october 2016 by Tkhaner
How to Prevent al-Qaeda from Seizing a Safe Zone in Northwestern Syria - The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Mar 7, 2016
Militarily speaking, JN and its affiliates are now able to intervene pretty much anywhere in Idlib province without much opposition from whatever groups may be officially controlling a given village or city. On most of the maps that attempt to illustrate the distribution of rebel factions, JN is typically confined to two specific areas in the province -- the strongholds of Harem and Jabal al-Zawiya -- yet the group is actually present throughout the northwest.

JN's strength lies in the geographic diversity of its recruitment, unlike the moderate groups and their highly localized recruitment. This approach has helped JN largely avoid the clan quarrels that often undermine the rebellion.
Idlib  JabhatAl-Nusra  Mar15  AhrarAl-Sham  NFZ  peacekeeping 
october 2016 by elizrael
April 2016 Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) report
The examination of Operation STABILISE is important to the education of military and civilian national security leaders because it highlights the challenges and opportunities of supporting a regional partner in the role of lead nation during the conduct of stability operations. In the end, the United States applied persuasion and pressure successfully to enable a “coalition of the willing,” while contributing Joint Force capabilities selectively and in a manner that had the greatest impact.
operations  peacekeeping  east_timor  australia  case_studies  pksoi 
september 2016 by strohps
Correct The Record | Hillary Clinton: Keeping the Peace
"Hillary Clinton made promoting women’s rights a signature part of her tenure as Secretary of State. She elevated their role in peacekeeping efforts and helped inaugurate Georgetown’s Institute for Women, Peace, and Security. Recently, she spoke about security through inclusive leadership, saying, “Today marks a very important next step. Shifting from saying the right things to doing the right things. Putting into action the steps that are necessary to not only protect women and children but to find ways of utilizing women as makers and keepers of peace.” As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton fought to do just that."
important  Hillary_Clinton  why_Hillary  support  accomplishments  women  girls  globalism  peacekeeping 
august 2016 by KuraFire
Protecting some of the people some of the time
Dec 2015 International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) report
This report examines civilian perspectives of peacekeeping forces in South Sudan. It is not an assessment of the operations of UNMISS per se, but an analysis of UNMISS as seen by the civilians they are supposed to protect. It is hoped that this research will enable those actors involved with peacekeeping – from international NGOs advocating for reform within the UN and UN policy makers in New York, to peacekeepers on the ground – to better understand the views of civilians. It highlights ways in which the peacekeeping operation might better respond to the needs of the population they are mandated to protect, albeit recognising the limitations placed on the mission as a result of resource constraints and the political environment in which they operate.
refugees  peacekeeping  unmiss  sudan 
january 2016 by strohps

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