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Greetings all on the last of the year! I'm interested in secondary Ed, ,…
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4 days ago by tolkien
Po wyborze Kopacz na jedną z 14 wiceprzewodniczących w cudowny sposób znikła z totalnych mediów troska o niezna…
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16 days ago by piotrwojcicki
3 Reasons I'm choosing people over algorithms | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
When I was starting out in the digital world, I thought the internet was a new religion. Almost a decade and a good dose of experiences later, I’ve U-turned on my mindset.
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6 weeks ago by marshallk
Lovely to see our trainees back at uni today for the first day of their final week. Where has the time go…
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6 weeks ago by tolkien
Nie wiem, komu w pierwszej kolejności podziękować za wprowadzenie 5 kandydatów SLD do . Schetynie, po którego pl…
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7 weeks ago by piotrwojcicki
PiS wygrał ale zobaczcie:
wchodzą do
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8 weeks ago by piotrwojcicki
Takich właśnie przedstawicieli, walczących o polskie interesy, potrzebujemy w !

26 maja idziemy na wybory i gł…
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8 weeks ago by piotrwojcicki
GitHub - RainwayApp/MetaPod: A cross-platform library for creating digitally signed portable executables with custom metadata.
A cross-platform library for creating digitally signed portable executables with custom metadata. - RainwayApp/MetaPod
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9 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Teaching to a class of mixed-grades and abilities is quite the challenge. Here's how Glenwood High School is le…
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11 weeks ago by tolkien
Bain boss warns over private equity debt levels | Financial Times
Bullish projections mask scale of leverage as some fear risk of dealmaking crash
april 2019 by jayyy
Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Defining a Distinguished Engineer
Jessie looks at attributes of engineers at the tippy top of the IC career ladder.
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march 2019 by brianm

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