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Behaving Discretely: Heuristic Thinking in the Emergency Department
I find compelling evidence of heuristic thinking in this setting: patients arriving in the emergency department just after their 40th birthday are roughly 10% more likely to be tested for and 20% more likely to be diagnosed with ischemic heart disease (IHD) than patients arriving just before this date, despite the fact that the incidence of heart disease increases smoothly with age.

Figure 1: Proportion of ED patients tested for heart attack
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CTFtime.org / All about CTF (Capture The Flag)
The UCSB International Capture The Flag (also known as the iCTF) is a distributed, wide-area security exercise, whose goal is to test the security skills of the participants.... Binjitsu by ddtek (... — 2012)Legitimate Business Syndicate (2013 — ...)
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jung-kurt/gofpdf: A PDF document generator with high level support for text, drawing and images
gofpdf - A PDF document generator with high level support for text, drawing and images
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