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Open Data Institute study shows role for PDF with Open Data • Public Policy blog by Adobe
John Joliffe is Adobe's European Government Relations lead:
<p>Earlier this year we blogged about an exciting project we had kicked off with the Open Data Institute in London, to explore how PDF could be better used to help international policies on Open Data. The final ODI report on Best Practices for PDF and Data has just been published.

We’re particularly happy that the report confirms what we have known for some time, that PDF can already achieve at least 3 stars on the 5 Star Open Data scale, on a par with other well-used formats such as .csv. And it’s exciting to see a PDF with data published to Data Mill North, proving that PDF with data can be more valuable in some cases than just publishing the raw data itself.

We think the report will be welcome news for many in government and beyond who already work with PDF or who need to publish open data that is both human- and machine-readable,.

The report highlights two use cases in particular: the first relating to the role of PDF in the English Planning system, which was conducted in collaboration with the Department for Communities and Local Government. The second relating to the complex needs of scientific publishers.

But the work is only just beginning. The ODI has kicked off a public process to capture additional use cases where PDF is essential, with a view to showing how PDF can address their open data needs too.</p>

I know that the idea that a PDF could be as machine-readable as a CSV (comma-separated variables) file sounds like nonsense. But Tom Forth has been doing work on <a href="http://tomforth.co.uk/hybridpdfs/">creating PDFs which contain the data files as attachments</a>. He has built an open-source tool which lets you add and remove them. TYou can have something human-legible which also has the data onboard. That's useful.

It's also a potential security threat, I'd guess, but that's how this stuff rolls: one step forward, half a step back.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
Online Markdown Editor - Dillinger, the Last Markdown Editor ever.
Dillinger is a cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, offline-storage, AngularJS powered HTML5 Markdown editor.
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2 days ago by jtallison
UW ADINT: Advertising as Surveillance
Targeted advertising is at the heart of the largest technology companies today, and is becoming increasingly precise. Simultaneously, users generate more and more personal data that is shared with advertisers as more and more of daily life becomes intertwined with networked technology. There are many studies about how users are tracked and what kinds of data are gathered. The sheer scale and precision of individual data that is collected can be concerning. However, in the broader public debate about these practices this concern is often tempered by the understanding that all this potentially sensitive data is only accessed by large corporations; these corporations are profit-motivated and could be held to account for misusing the personal data they have collected. In this work we examine the capability of a different actor -- an individual with a modest budget -- to access the data collected by the advertising ecosystem. Specifically, we find that an individual can use the targeted advertising system to conduct physical and digital surveillance on targets that use smartphone apps with ads.
Our paper describes the details of our study, but we provide a brief FAQ below to highlight some of our findings and their significance.
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2 days ago by Chirael
Returns to skills around the world: Evidence from PIAAC
Age differences in individual returns to numeracy skills. At age 20-24, a standard deviation higher test score predicts a 7% boost in hourly wages, while at age 40-44 the boost is almost 20%.
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3 days ago by nhaliday
Tools | pentestmonkey
See this blog post for download link and installation instructions. Full details about “on”, the rexd client can be found on this blog post.
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3 days ago by raj77_in

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