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690182 – Tray selection (MediaSource) on PCL 4/5 drivers does not work and so an ugly Perl workaround in Foomatic is needed
Designates one of four paper sources for paper feed.
#= 0 - Print current page (paper source remains unchanged)
1 - Feed paper from main paper source
2 - Feed paper from manual input
3 - Feed envelope from manual input
4 - Feed paper from alternate paper source
5 - Feed from optional large paper source
6 - Feed envelope from envelope feeder *
7 - Autoselect
8 - Feed paper from Tray 1 (right side tray)
20 - 39 - High Capacity Input (HCI) Trays 2-21
march 2019 by dave007
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日本大学理工学部 電気工学科 専任講師門馬さんのWiki。
画像処理、C++、Python、Deep Learningについての記事が多く参考になる
deepLearning  Python  ImageProcessing  pcl 
january 2019 by umeruma
Dr. LaPrade performed a live anatomic double bundle on Facebook Live:
reconstruction  PCL  from twitter_favs
october 2018 by davidgusmao

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