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GKE環境でPCI-DSS準拠のシステムを構築した事例 - koukiblog
GCP, GKEを使ってPCI-DSS準拠のシステムを作った事例。この動画を見て気になったところをまとめてみました。仮想通貨販売所の話は興味なかったので省略 www.youtube.com 動画メモ PCI-DSS準拠の方針 課題 リソース不足 解決策 PCI-DSSの対象とするスコープを減らす。個人情報、カード情報。 GCP Project、VPCを別にする ログイン可能なユーザーを限定する 専用のG SuiteドメインからOneLoginを利用してログイン One Loginはパスワード要件を満たすため アーキテクチャの全体像 クレジットカード情報、個人情報はGCPプロジェクトのみで扱うよ…
april 2019 by lamanotrama
PCI Compliance & Drupal Commerce: Which Payment Gateway Should I Choose?
Several contributed modules with stable releases exist to leverage new eCommerce technologies in Drupal.
drupal  drupal7  ecommerce  pcidss  regulation  security 
june 2016 by garrettc
EMPIRE ARMS: How to safely e-mail credit card information
RT : Someone figured out how to get past PCI requirements at their gun store /cc
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december 2015 by freeed
Vodafone's data breach a lesson for tech companies to be open about mistakes | Business | The Guardian
Question: how many News Ltd people were getting CDRs from the original breach and what kind of coincidence is it that someone from a Fairfax paper was targeted?
vodafone  privacy  leveson  cdr  surveillance  pcidss  infosec 
september 2015 by yorksranter
How to Address the PCI DSS Requirements for Data Encryption in Transit Using Amazon VPC - AWS Security Blog
"AWS recommends that organizations implement encryption of sensitive information in motion wherever possible."

But then it goes on to recommend terminating at the public ELB - or maybe I'm misreading?
johny  aws  pcidss 
july 2015 by shorn

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