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Relationship between SVD and PCA. How to use SVD to perform PCA?
How to compute PCA via SVD.
Why to compute PCA via SVD (answer: numerical stability).
Great explanation.
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13 days ago by drmeme
Practical Guide to Cluster Analysis in R (book)
Although there are several good books on unsupervised machine learning/clustering and related topics, we felt that many of them are either too high-level, theoretical or too advanced. Our goal was to write a practical guide to cluster analysis, elegant visualization and interpretation.

The main parts of the book include:

distance measures,
partitioning clustering,
hierarchical clustering,
cluster validation methods, as well as,
advanced clustering methods such as fuzzy clustering, density-based clustering and model-based clustering.
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16 days ago by lena
PCA : Interpretation Examples — Stats366 / Stats 166 Course Notes
Short tutorial, nice examples with dudi.pca. Turtles and olympic data
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16 days ago by lena
PCA - Principal Component Analysis Essentials - Articles - STHDA
detailed pca plot examples with factominer/factoextra
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19 days ago by lena
Bioconductor - pcaMethods
PDF R Script Data with outliers
PDF R Script Introduction
PDF R Script Missing value imputation
PDF Reference Manual
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5 weeks ago by lena

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