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COMPUTEX2018 FROSTBIT | Research Idea Gear
heatpipe cooler for M.2 drives, with the final heatsink capable of swinging side to side to accommodate internal obstacles.
M.2  NVMe  heatsink  cooler  cooling  heatpipe  hardware  PC  accessories 
15 hours ago by asteroza
In juxtaposition, Sullivan’s and Coates’ pieces provide a miniature history of how a certain variety of self-congratulatory openness to inquiry is in actual fact a barbed thicket of power relations. What Sullivan depicts as a “different time” where “neither of us denied each other’s good faith or human worth,” is, in Coates’ understanding, a time where he was required to “take seriously” the argument that “black people are genetically disposed to be dumber than white people” as a price of entry into the rarified heights of conversation at the Atlantic. The “civility” and “generosity of spirit” that supported “human to human” conversation is juxtaposed to Coates’ “teachers” who didn’t see him “completely as a human being.” What was open and free spirited debate in Sullivan’s depiction, was to Coates a loaded and poisonous dialogue where he could only participate if he shut up about what he actually believed.

Juxtaposing these two gives us a very different understanding of Sullivan’s claim that “identity politics [have become] completely nonnegotiable,” and we are all being pulled down by the “riptide of tribalism.” The imagined paradise of liberal discussion from which we are being torn was only a paradise for some; others were there on sufferance, or not allowed in at all. Sullivan’s hostility to “tribalism” reflects his unwillingness to confront the rather sordid politics of his own position, and his past and continuing history on race and intelligence.
marxism  pc  humanity 
2 days ago by max_read
Free, cross-platform emulator for the GW-BASIC family of interpreters.
gwbasic  modern  interpreter  pc  msdos  opensource  floss 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
5 Solutions to “Unable to Reset PC. A required drive partition is missing” Error in Windows
To fix some Windows issues, you can select to reset your PC. However, in this course, you may fail get such an error – “Unable to Reset PC. A required drive partition is missing.” This article will look at this error to provide 5 effective solutions.
Active  Partition  Bootrec.exe  CHKDSK  damaged  PST  Drive  Error  system  file  checker  Unable  to  Reset  PC  Windows 
2 days ago by DataNumen
How HP Survives in a Shrinking PC Market - WSJ
In that time, HP’s annual revenue from its PC business has increased 6% and its operating profit has climbed 9%, helping to buffer an 11% drop in revenue and an 18% tumble in operating profit at its printing business // HP tried....making better computers...and it worked
hp  product  pc  hardware  ovum  10k-watch 
3 days ago by yorksranter
BML GPIO-14 USB Board for PCs – Black Mesa Labs
» BML GPIO-14 USB Board for PCs – Black Mesa Labs
gpio  pc  lpt1  lpt  parallel  spi  iot  m2m  usb 
3 days ago by oriolrius
Lake Mills City Council to Meet Tonight Regarding Project Citizen
The Lake Mills City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm by first holding a public hearing on an amendment of the current Fiscal Year budget. The council will then hear about two 7th grade project citizen classes on dog waste stations and the volleyball courts.
4 days ago by ccenews
Thanks from Project Citizen
FAIRBANKS — Project Citizen values the support from the Chena Hot Springs Resort Management Board, Bernie Karl, Connie Parks-Karl and Event Manager Teresa Bowman of our 2018 Regional Showcase.
Community judges provided thoughtful, challenging feedback to public policy proposals addressing taxation, Wi-Fi safety, environment, recreation and nutrition.

Teachers from Randy Smith Middle, Tanana Middle and Unalakleet’s Frank Degnan Middle Schools facilitated policy-related research: La Verne Hutto, Giaana Eckenweiler, Julie Eberhardt, Brad Webster and Royce England.
Judges included middle school educators, UAF School of Education and CNSM graduate students, Cold Climate Housing Research Center representatives and community activists: Malcolm Pearson, Sarah Liben, Joshua Hartman, Dori Olsen, Robert Bonestroo, Nancy Tarnai, Bob Olsen, Barb Martin, Conor Sosebee, Susan Burgess, Taiyo Itoh, Arlo Davis, Michelle Risse, Ernie Manzie and Joan Knight.

The showcase constitutes a memory of community involvement for our active, young citizens.
5 days ago by ccenews
While Well-Intentioned, VR Is Rooted in Privilege and Disregards Those in Need – Adweek
Like lots of people in the world, I’ve spent some quality family time roaming my neighborhood trying to capture little cartoon monsters on my cell phone. For many of us, Pokémon Go was our first experience of augmented reality. It was lots of fun.
8 days ago by marshallk
Completely Silent Computer
This computer makes no noise when it starts up.  It makes no noise when it shuts down.  It makes no noise when it idles.  It makes no noise when it’s under heavy load.  It makes no noise when it’s reading or writing data.  It can’t be heard in a regular room during the day.  It can’t be heard in a completely quiet house in the middle of the night.  It can’t be heard from 1m away.  It can’t be heard from 1cm away.  It can’t be heard — period.  It’s taken nearly 30 years to reach this point, but I’ve finally arrived.  The journey is over and it feels great.

If you are after a silent — not just quiet, but silent — daily driver, then I strongly recommend a passively-cooled case, heat pipes and solid state drives.  Eliminate the moving parts (e.g. fans, HDDs) and you eliminate the noise — it’s not that complicated.  It also doesn’t need to be really expensive (my system requirements were not ‘average’ so please don’t infer from this post that all DB4-based systems are as expensive).  Silence (and a perfectly respectable computer) can easily be had for half the price.
diy  hardware  pc  silence  quiet-hardware  cooling  fanless  amd 
8 days ago by jm

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