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Seahawks make statement with convincing win vs. Saints – USA TODAY
USA TODAYSEATTLE — What a statement. And when it was over on Monday night, after the Seattle Seahawks dismantled the team that Sean Payton and Drew Brees represent, 34-7, they merely walked off the field like a team expecting a lot more. How fitting. They will …Seahawks rout Saints 34-7SI.comSeahawks Dominate Saints and Gain Playoff […]
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My very own little toddler…
We had some new neighbors move in next door to us this past week, they have a 3 and a half month old little girl.  It got me thinking…wow, just this time last year Payton was about that age.  Then I started looking at pictures I took of her this past week and I think I am in shock…she is an actual little toddler now.  Where has all the time gone…who said she could grow up so fast?!  Pure craziness…so much changes on a week to week basis.  PJ my love…please slow down.

Leaning back and relaxin’.

Beep beep beep…Ima coming for you Mum!

Just chillin’ in her ride watching all the other kiddos play.

Doesn’t she look like a real little person here?! She is 15 months old for Pete’s sake!

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Ben Payton and the Thundering Harps - Video
Ben Payton's voice resonates with a passion for life and his skills as a guitarist evoke the tradition of the original Delta blues greats such as Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Charley Patton and Son House. He performs with Steve Chester on rhythm guitar, Cyndi Clark on conga drums and Kindrick Hart on electric bass.

Speaker Biography: Ben Payton was born in tiny Coila, Mississippi, in the hill country just east of the Delta. His early musical influences included his grandmother Mabel Johnson's gospel piano playing and his Uncle Joe Birch's blues guitar.
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China's president to visit Chicago - Chicago Breaking News
Wish I were in town 4 this: huge 4 Chicago, shows Daley's & Chicago's vision Thx @chicagobreaking
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Analyzing Sean Payton’s Gutsy Calls
Statistical analysis of Sean Payton's calls and whether they were the "right" call from a statistical percentage standpoint.
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