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Flexible Payment Plans: Easy to use automated payment processing
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15 days ago by cyberchucktx
BiiLabs (Blockchain Industry and Innovation Labs) explores a new border of Trusted Economy by using distributed ledger technology. Through DLT, they enable products (e.g. Appliances, Tools, Drones, eBikes etc.) and resources (e.g. computer storage, computational power, WiFi bandwidth etc.) to be leasing-service effortlessly.

"Along with the Machine Economy, over 5 Trillion transactions and microtransactions will be taking place on a daily base by year 2020.

DLT Research
BiiLabs is one of the pioneers of distributed ledger technology (DLT) developers with smart contract engine on top of DAG-based system (Directed Acyclic Graph, aka Tangle) which are just plain regular legal contracts, except their terms are stored on the distributed ledger and they are machine readable, enabling their automatic verification by all peers.

Customized API
Based on DLT, BiiLabs is delivering the service including digital ID, ledger and settlement, micro-payment, digital forensics and many more, by providing and securing the sandbox for testing.

Transaction Security
With the distributed system, all data would be cryptographically secured on multiple nodes so that even sensitive data can be transmitted safely and soundly in a quantum-proof system.

Scalability in Business
BiiLabs enables micro- and nano-transactions to be recorded with the application of distributed ledger technology and provides developers with an innovative set of tools for IoT applications."

From Taipeh / Taiwan.

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19 days ago by eocas
Initiative Q
Keine Ahnung was das schon wieder ist, ich habe mich mal angemeldet. 😁 Irgendwas mit Network. 😉
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20 days ago by tmmd
Chargebee: Subscription Billing & Recurring Payments Software
Не пробовал, выглядит интересно
21 days ago by yurapekov
lacicloud/payiota: The PHP-based IOTA payment gateway.
The PHP-based IOTA payment gateway. Contribute to lacicloud/payiota development by creating an account on GitHub.
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22 days ago by orlin

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