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The gender wage gap is really a child care penalty
“In Denmark, childbearing creates a 20 percent gender wage gap.”
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Top women doctors lose out in NHS pay stakes - BBC News
Some doctors the BBC spoke to said some of the difference was probably down to the fact men were more likely to do overtime.

But they said it was clear some of the gap was unfair with the system of bonuses and awards weighted in favour of men.

Senior female doctors described the findings as "disappointing" and said it showed more needs to be done to tackle the gender pay gap in medicine.
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(5780) Supermarkets face £billions in compensation for "pay discrimination" - YouTube
pay segregation gender bias // much ethics and moral values. Gesellschaft. nothing which capital knows about. // main question: equal pay for equal work - shopfloor vs warehouse - comparable? // gendered roles eg care health care nursing
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Homebase owners may close up to 40 stores - BBC News
[first the supermarkets, then everyone else, also UK restaurant trade struggling, especially mid-market! anything above your payday takeout, also housing growth is slowing down thus DIY ] UK retailers are struggling in the face of rising inflation and fragile consumer confidence.

Several store chains have announced job cuts recently, including supermarket giants Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

Homebase's rival, B&Q, last week said it was cutting 200 jobs at its head office in Hampshire as part of a cost-cutting drive. &! - Demand weakens for services such as restaurants and hotels amid ongoing Brexit uncertainty
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