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Tencent/phxpaxos: C++ Paxos library that has been used in Wechat production environment.
PhxPaxos is a state-synchronization lib based on Paxos protocol, it is totally designed by Wechat independently. It can help your services in synchronizating the state from a single node to another nodes to make services into a multi-copy cluster and fail-over handing automatically by calling functions in our lib.
github  wechat  consensus  distributed  algorithm  c++  paxos 
11 days ago by newtonapple
Paxos shaken but not stirred
The infamous distributed consensus algorithm, dissected, patented, with miracle ingredients. (minor updates march 5)
consensus  paxos 
12 days ago by lenciel
peterbourgon/caspaxos: A Go implementation of the CASPaxos protocol
This repo provides a Go implementation of the CASPaxos consensus protocol, including (eventually, soon) a batteries-included, deployable system with configurable transports and persistence layers.
paxos  golang  caspaxos  consensus  algorithm  distributed 
12 days ago by newtonapple
peterbourgon/caspaxos: A Go implementation of the CASPaxos protocol
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
golang  paxos 
13 days ago by geetarista
Protocol aware recovery for consensus-based storage | the morning paper
Protocol aware recovery for consensus based storage Alagappan et al., FAST’18 Following on from their excellent previous work on ‘All file systems are not created equal’ (well worth a read if you haven’t encountered it yet), in this paper the authors look at how well some of our most reliable protocols — those used in…
acolyer  paper  recovery  paxos 
14 days ago by adragomir
CASPaxos: Replicated State Machines without logs
CASPaxos is a replicated state machine (RSM) protocol, an extension of Synod. Unlike Raft and Multi-Paxos, it doesn't use leader election and log replication, thus avoiding associated complexity. Its symmetric peer-to-peer approach achieves optimal commit latency in wide-area networks and doesn't cause transient unavailability when any (N−1)/2 of N nodes crash. The lightweight nature of CASPaxos allows new combinations of RSMs in the designs of distributed systems. For example, a representation of a key-value storage as a hashtable with independent RSM per key increases fault tolerance and improves performance on multi-core systems compared with a hashtable behind a single RSM. This paper describes CASPaxos protocol, formally proves its safety properties, covers cluster membership change and evaluates the benefits of a CASPaxos-based key-value storage.
paxos  consensus 
24 days ago by mpm
Contribute to maelstrom development by creating an account on GitHub.
distributed  concurrency  raft  paxos 
4 weeks ago by geetarista
Paxos derived | Hacker News
"In sum, something "fundamental" changes when you want to go fault-tolerant and tolerate node failure in an asynchronous system. When you combine faults and full-asynchrony, you get the FLP impossibility result. That means you lose progress! That is why Paxos does not guarantee making progress under a full asynchronous model with a crash failure."
paxos  consensus  algorithm 
5 weeks ago by dano

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