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In search of a simple consensus algorithm
In this post: (1) covered an availability limitation of the Raft protocol (2) demonstrated that modern implementations of Raft are subject to it (3) described an existing simpler approach to the problem of consensus (4) showed that its toy 500-lines implementation has performance similar to Etcd but doesn't suffer from Raft's performance penalty
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29 days ago by mpm
Multileader WAN Paxos: Ruling the Archipelago with Fast Consensus
We present WPaxos, a multileader wide area network (WAN) Paxos protocol, that achieves low-latency high-throughput consensus across WAN deployments. WPaxos dynamically partitions the global object-space across multiple concurrent leaders that are deployed strategically using flexible quorums. This partitioning and emphasis on local operations allow our protocol to significantly outperform leaderless approaches, such as EPaxos, while maintaining the same consistency guarantees. Unlike statically partitioned multiple Paxos deployments, WPaxos adapts dynamically to the changing access locality through adaptive object stealing. The ability to quickly react to changing access locality not only speeds up the protocol, but also enables support for mini-transactions
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7 weeks ago by mpm

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