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A hard look at how the browse experience translates in the digital space
I thought I’d take a stab at exploring this concept as it relates to one experience in particular: browse. Designers have notoriously poured their blood, sweat and tears into browse experiences, and to what end? These experiences often overstimulate and under deliver.
ux  browsing  search  patterns  design 
yesterday by abberdab
How I do Developer UX at Google – Google Design – Medium
In addition, the team started building a curated, visual catalog for larger code samples. There are only a handful of samples for now, but each sample features a screenshot and self-contained code, so developers can quickly determine if a sample is useful to their problem.
ui  design  Patterns  Cross-platform 
yesterday by janpeuker
Scotch Egg Navigation - Andy Beaumont, 2017-03
With Scotch Egg Navigation, we allow the user to see all the options available at each level of the hierarchy.
patterns  webdesign  navigation  breadcrumbing 
2 days ago by emerysnyder

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