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Why you should not name your @IBActions didTapButton
So Apple names their methods in this way, it fits the pattern and it decouples our controllers from our views. What’s not to like? Thus, we should name our actions like commands. Make it cancel(sender:Any), save(sender:Any) and sendMessage(sender:Any) instead of didTapCancelButton(sender:Any), saveButtonTapped(sender:Any) and didHitSend(sender:Any)4.
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5 days ago by phatblat
Swift Design Patterns – learn design techniques to build great Swift apps
Swift Design Patterns teaches you smart, idiomatic ways to design great Swift apps
swift  book  pattern  architecture  design 
5 days ago by lgtout
For want of Pattern Matching in Ruby — The Creation of Qo
A library with matchers that are supposed to add Swift-like pattern matching to Ruby
ruby  pattern  matching 
7 days ago by DivineDominion

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