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Engare is a game about movement and geometry
pattern  geometry  game  Spinning 
yesterday by dyab
Design Patterns & Refactoring
Design patterns. Design patterns source code examples. Design patterns tutorials and guides.
design  pattern  patterns  programming  refactoring  dev  development  software  engineering  coding 
yesterday by renaudjx
Builder pattern vs. Multi-stage builds in Docker
Basically a Dockerfile with multiple FROM lines in which the artifacts from earlier build stages are copied into a a slimmer final base image.
docker  pattern  tips 
6 days ago by jwd
4 Things I Know About Pattern Libraries -
It’s been four years since I wrote about Responsive Deliverables. Since then I’ve been working steadily with companies to build out their own “tiny bootstraps”. I’ve been reflecting on this work and I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned.
pattern  library  css  styleguide  design 
7 days ago by alienlebarge

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