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Modern Love This Idea Of Using A Sheet To Line The Back Of A Baby Blanket! Free Pattern… HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Adore this thought of working with a sheet to line the back of a child blanket! Free sample… Adore this thought of working with a sheet to line the back of a child blanket! Free sample for knitted blanket.; Adore this thought of working with a sheet to line the back of a child […]
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yesterday by wotek
Celtic Knotwork Online
generate celtic knot work in SVG
art  pattern  celticknot  celtic  ireland  irish 
yesterday by ebel
Second nature: five designers inspired by plants | Life and style | The Guardian
guardian feature about some illustrators using plants and animals in illustration. Some links handy for inspiration, too
illustration  pattern  graphic  design  botanical  plant  nature  wallpaper  repeat  linocut 
4 days ago by piperh
bash - grep inside less? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
It is noted in the description of the `/` command that

The `pattern` is a regular expression, as recognized by the regular expression library supplied by your system.

* `&eth[01]`  will display lines containing `eth0` or `eth1`
* `&arp.*eth0` will display lines containing `arp` followed by `eth0`
* `&arp|dns`  will display lines containing `arp` or `dns`
StackExchange  less  regex  pattern  search 
7 days ago by coffeebucket
Scribes of the Cairo Geniza » About — Zooniverse
The purpose of phase I of Scribes of the Cairo Geniza is to sort Cairo Geniza fragments in order to prepare them for transcription in phase II (launching Spring 2018). In phase I, you will help us sort fragments into different categories based on their script types, whether they are written in Hebrew or Arabic scripts, whether they are written in formal or informal scripts, and whether they contain specific visual characteristics.
pattern  Recognition  word  words 
8 days ago by rbarkman
Google engineer's memo: Are you furious, or are you curious? (Opinion) - CNN
But what he didn't account for is that we humans are excellent at pattern recognition. And we women have heard echoes of those statements before --almost always used to justify something much more sexist and discriminatory. Women have babies, they're innately wired for caregiving, and therefore...they should just do that and leave the other work to men.
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8 days ago by rbarkman

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