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Me Too
Interesting personal piece by a woman who survived an attempted rape, noting that Kavanaugh has never apologized
supremecourt  rape  atlanticmonthly  patriarchy  gop 
8 hours ago by UltraNurd
Tarana Burke - Wikipedia
In 2006, Burke began using the phrase "Me Too" to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and assault in society
people  patriarchy 
7 days ago by zryb
#MeToo movement: what so many men are missing - Vox
"Misogyny rewards women who reinforce the status quo and punishes those who don’t.”
feminism  gender  patriarchy 
8 days ago by moireach
Dr. Jane Clare Jones na Twitterze: "Okay guys, read-a-long annotated tweet thread time. So, as a result of the criticism of our letter to the Daily Nous, we've been pointed towards this piece as an explanation of why we don't need a sex-based account of w
"Wood is not meaningful in and of itself. Tables do not emerge directly out of wood, rather, wood has to be turned into tables. This contests the idea that there is first wood and that tables emerge from people making tables out of wood, and that wood exists at all."

The world is *either* biology *or* culture (no it isn't)

If it *is* biology then there is *no* culture (no there is)

If there is *no* culture then we cannot change anything (but we can)

And so if we want to change anything, we have to deny there is biology (no we don't)
feminism  patriarchy  origins_of_patriarchy  liberal_feminism 
17 days ago by paniedejmirade
The Good Place's Jameela Jamil calls out 'patriarchal narrative' of the Kardashians
The British actor and presenter talked about the damaging messages women and girls are subjected to by media, influencers and celebrities.
jameela-jamil  Twitter-moments  hollywood  patriarchy  feminism  influencer-marketing  beauty  beauty-standards 
18 days ago by yolandaenoch
What makes men angry with women? |
He says it stems from unresolved conflicts between men’s intense need for and dependence upon women and their equally intense fear of that dependence—and the underlying reason for our anger is almost totally subconscious

I've thought this for sometime.

Same here. I think this is the psychological basis, but there is the sociological basis too.

Males are socialised to expect that women and girls will service and serve their needs, to be their 'helpmates'. This socialisation instils a belief that one day they will get their 'allotted' woman.

The reality that women are fully conscious humans with free wills, personal preferences, likes and dislikes, including a dislike for being anyone's helpmate and servant, let alone his, jars sharply against this socialised male expectation and entitlement.

They feel short changed. That women are bitchy, aloof, cold.

Additionally males are peer-group socialised to expect that their 'allotted woman' will be beautiful, charming, supportive and raise their status and esteem amongst their male peers.

They can feel very disappointed, ashamed and resentful about the jarring reality that a woman doesn't look or act like this or resents all the pain and tedium of trying to achieve it.
mumsnet  discussions  patriarchy  male_entitlement 
18 days ago by paniedejmirade
What it means to be ‘woman-identified’ or ‘male-identified’ | Purple Sage
In Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence, Adrienne Rich describes male identification as “the casting of one’s social, political, and intellectual allegiances with men.” She also quotes Kathleen Barry, who wrote in her book Female Sexual Slavery that the effect of male-identification means “internalizing the values of the colonizer and actively participating in carrying out the colonization of one’s self and one’s sex…Male identification is the act whereby women place men above women, including themselves, in credibility, status, and importance in most situations, regardless of the comparative quality the women may bring to the situation…Interaction with women is seen as a lesser form of relating on every level.”
feminism  patriarchy  internalized_miogyny  female_socialization  right_wing_women  libfems 
5 weeks ago by paniedejmirade
Opinion | What Feminists Can Do for Boys - The New York Times
I wish we had proactive programs in place to teach men about the fullness of life and opportunities outside of patriarchy and oppression. Recognizing the need is a good step, but I haven't seen the answers filled out yet.
feminism  sexism  patriarchy  men 
6 weeks ago by npdoty
Gaming’s toxic men, explained - Polygon
An excellent array of perspectives on the terrible array of problems facing the video game industry.
violence  videogames  feminism  gamergate  sexism  patriarchy 
7 weeks ago by beep

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