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United States Patent Application - 20150220997 - "Reputation Tiers for a Marketing Campaign"
Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers communicatively coupled to a network and configured to: transmit a marketing campaign from a first virtual internet protocol (IP) address; identify, during a transmission of the marketing campaign, a quantity of undeliverable or unsolicited email; determine whether the quantity of undeliverable or unsolicited email is equal to or greater than a threshold quantity of undeliverable or unsolicited email; and responsive to a determination that the quantity of undeliverable or unsolicited email is equal to or greater than the threshold quantity, transmit, prior to a conclusion of the transmission, the marketing campaign from a second virtual IP address.
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What Can Small Tech Companies Do About Patent Trolls? - Technologist
You might be surprised to learn that there are already organizations out there catering to small tech, and startups, to provide support against patent trolls. These organizations' service range in cost (and value), from free (though you may be required to share some IP with other's in the organization) to almost as expensive as litigation.
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aims to overtake the as the world’s leader >> via >>
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The Economic Valuation of Patents
‘In depth knowledge and a scientific approach are used to improve patent valuation techniques. . . a dream book for both researchers and practitioners interested in identifying the value of creative minds.’
– Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Solvay Brussels Schoo
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