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U.S. Court of Appeals denies Apple’s $440 million appeal against VirnetX in ongoing court battle - 9to5Mac
A U.S. appeals court has today ruled against Apple’s $440 million appeal in its ongoing court battle with patent troll company VirnetX. According to a report from Reuters, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has denied Apple’s appeal f…
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4 days ago by evansthompson
RT : Apple’s COO gives blistering testimony on Qualcomm’s "onerous demands" over cellular standard-essential
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Shanzhai - Wikipedia
Counterfeit consumer goods, including imitation and trademark infringing brands and/or particularly electronics, in China

In 2010, the Financial Times estimated that Shanzhai phones accounted for about 20 per cent of the global 2G mobile phone market.

The frequent reference to shanzhai cell phones on internet and in traditional media made people start labeling low-cost imitation cultural activities as shanzhai as well. Some of the most well-known events include the Shanzhai National Spring Gala (山寨春节联欢晚会), Shanzhai Lecture Room (山寨百家讲坛), Shanzhai Olympic Torch Relay (山寨奥运火炬传递), and Shanzhai Nobel Prize (山寨诺贝尔奖). One thing these events have in common is that they all imitate high-end, popular yet authoritative events in which grass-roots power usually has no participating role.
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Bank of America Files for Blockchain 'ATM as a Service' Patent 🏧⛓

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The most innovative metro areas in the US - Verizon Resource Center
So how does one determine what exactly qualifies as “innovative”? New patents are a good place to start, as patented technology is typically a fair indicator of new and exciting advancements in many different fields. The metro areas that have produced the most patents in correlation to their population were identified and sorted, referencing data provided by the US Census Bureau from the year 2015 (the most recent information available).
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4 weeks ago by areadevelopment
The Most Important Software Innovations
This paper identifies the most important innovations in software, removing hardware advances and products that didn't embody significant new software innovations. Its results may surprise you.
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4 weeks ago by atran
The Lexra Story
A competitor to MIPS Technologies, MIPS used their patents on unaligned load/store to freeze them out of the market. Interestingly enough, the RealTek SDR chips are based around a Lexra CPU
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4 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Company Tried to Patent My Work After a Job Interview — Patent Pandas
In this case, I was incredibly lucky to have the support of a large institution (MIT) and even more lucky that we had a direct connection to ATAP through Joi to sort out the situation. I’m super grateful but realize that most other people in my position probably would not have had it so well.  And I’m not sure what to tell them—unfortunately. 

Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects)

Inventor = the one credited with coming up with the idea for an invention (example, an architect who designs a house)

Assignee = actually gets the legal rights to the patent (example, the home owner who gets to live in it)
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5 weeks ago by yolandaenoch

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