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U.S. top court tightens patent suit rules in blow to 'patent trolls'
This is excellent news, and a death knell for the East Texas patent troll court (cf ):
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday tightened rules for where patent lawsuits can be filed in a decision that may make it harder for so-called patent "trolls" to launch sometimes dodgy patent cases in friendly courts, a major irritant for high-tech giants like Apple and Alphabet Inc's Google.

In a decision that upends 27 years of law governing patent infringement cases, the justices sided with beverage flavoring company TC Heartland LLC in its legal battle with food and beverage company Kraft Heinz Co (KHC.O). The justices ruled 8-0 that patent suits can be filed only in courts located in the jurisdiction where the targeted company is incorporated.

via Brad Fitzgerald
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14 hours ago by jm
The MP3 has been declared dead by its original creators | Consequence of Sound
The AAC audio format is officially the new gold standard
The internet is filled with people claiming things are dead, be it disco, rock and roll, or Britney Spears. When the creator of a particular thing makes that claim, however, it might be time to listen. Such is the case with the mighty MP3, which, due to numerous advancements in sound technology since its advent in the mid-90s, has been declared dead and buried by those who made it mainstream.
The “licensing program for certain MP3 related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated,” says the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, a division of the state-funded German research institution that pumped cash into the development of the MP3 in the late ’80s.
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21 hours ago by rgl7194
Canada needs an innovative intellectual property strategy - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, May 19, 2017

Canada has never before had a national IP strategy, so getting it right will set the stage for subsequent innovation strategies. Here are some factors that our policy makers must take into account:

(1) Canadian innovators have only a basic understanding about IP

Canadian entrepreneurs understand IP strategy as a defensive mechanism to protect their products. In reality, IP is the most critica

(2) Focus on global IP landscape, rather than tweak domestic IP rules

Canada’s IP regime, including the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, needs a strategy that reflects global norms for IP protection, protects Canadian consumers and shrewdly supports Canadian innovators.l tool for revenue growth and global expansion in a 21st-century economy.

(3) Canadian businesses own a dismal amount of IP

Although IP has emerged as the most valuable corporate asset over the past two decades, it is overlooked by Canadian policy makers and businesses.
(4) Building quality patent portfolio requires technically savvy experts

A high-quality patent portfolio needs to include issued and in-force patents, including patents outside of Canada in key markets such as the United States and Europe. Strong portfolios will also have broad sets of claims that are practised by industry, spread across many patents creating a cloud of rights with pending applications.
(5) IP benefits from public-private partnerships are flowing out of country.

Canada’s innovation strategy must consider ownership and retention of our IP as one of its core principles. Are we satisfied with perpetually funding IP creation while letting foreign countries reap the benefits?
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2 days ago by jerryking
“MP3 is dead” missed the real, much better story –
So while there’s a debate to be had — in a moment — about whether MP3 should still be used today, Fraunhofer’s announcement has nothing to do with that, and is simply the ending of its patent-licensing program (because the patents have all expired) and a suggestion that we move to a newer, still-patented format.
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6 days ago by inspiral
“MP3 is dead” missed the real, much better story –
If you read the news, you may think the MP3 file format was recently officially “killed” somehow, and any remaining MP3 holdouts should all move to AAC now. These are all simple rewrites of Fraunhofer IIS’ announcement that they’re terminating the MP3 patent-licensing program.
Very few people got it right. The others missed what happened last month:
If the longest-running patent mentioned in the aforementioned references is taken as a measure, then the MP3 technology became patent-free in the United States on 16 April 2017 when U.S. Patent 6,009,399, held by and administered by Technicolor, expired.
MP3 is no less alive now than it was last month or will be next year — the last known MP3 patents have simply expired.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Daring Fireball: Long Live MP3
Marco Arment...
I wasn’t paying attention last week when Gizmodo, Engadget, and NPR got hoodwinked into writing “MP3 Is Dead” stories by an announcement from Fraunhofer pushing people to switch from the now-open MP3 to the still-patent-encumbered AAC.
On Twitter, Marco pointed to this 10-year-old piece from yours truly, describing the then-pipe-dream of Ogg Vorbis...
Now that the MP3 patents have expired, the situation is even better, because MP3 has been so thoroughly vetted, patent-wise. Idealism seldom wins out in these format battles. But time always wins.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Apple patents construction method for cylindrical device that could be Siri speaker | iLounge News
Apple has been granted a patent for techniques to mount multiple components inside a cylindrical device, fueling further speculation that the device in question is the rumored Siri speaker. The patent covers the methods used in mounting speakers, microphones, sensors, lights, touch displays and other electronic parts so that they will lay flush with an outer cylinder-shaped casing. Methods for using gaskets to surround components to seal them against the outer wall while still allowing for openings for acoustics and airflow are of particular interest, since this would be necessary for the multiple-speaker setup rumored to be coming in the Siri speaker. While the Mac Pro is also assembled inside a cylinder, the methods outlined in the new patent provide for a more sealed off device. [via AppleInsider]
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7 days ago by rgl7194
“MP3 is dead” missed the real, much better story
basically, "the patents have expired so Fraunhofer is terminating licensing" is spun into "the mp3 format is dead"
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7 days ago by mechazoidal

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