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Apple applies for foldable iPhone patent | iLounge News
Apple has applied for a patent for a foldable iPhone, Patently Apple reports. The patent expands on others filed by Apple, using advanced carbon nanotube structures to prevent corrosion in the foldable section of the display. While delicate internal components have made it impossible to create a folding device in the past, Apple’s latest patent covers a device that simply bends in the middle instead of being flexible all over, possibly side-stepping the internal component problem by allowing the two sides themselves to be mostly rigid. This is also the first Apple patent to list micro-LED as a possible display type, and also lists liquid metal as a component in the structure, saying “The material that forms layer 14-1 may be a shape memory alloy (e.g., nickel titanium) or a bulk metal glass (sometimes referred to as amorphous metal).”
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Three-dimensional hand tracking using depth sequences
Three-dimensional hand tracking using depth sequences
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