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Qualcomm seeks China iPhone ban, expanding Apple legal fight • Bloomberg
Ian King:
<p>Qualcomm’s suits are based on three non-standard essential patents, it said. They cover power management and a touch-screen technology called Force Touch that Apple uses in current iPhones, Qualcomm said. The inventions "are a few examples of the many Qualcomm technologies that Apple uses to improve its devices and increase its profits,” Trimble said.

Apple said the claim has no merit. “In our many years of ongoing negotiations with Qualcomm, these patents have never been discussed,” said Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock. “Like their other courtroom maneuvers, we believe this latest legal effort will fail.”

Qualcomm made the filings at the Beijing court on Sept. 29. The court has not yet made them public.

“This is another step to get Apple back to the negotiating table,” said Mike Walkley, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity Inc. “It shows how far apart they are.”

There’s little or no precedent for a Chinese court taking such action at the request of a U.S. company, he said. Chinese regulators would also be concerned that a halt of iPhone production would cause layoffs at Apple’s suppliers such as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which are major employers.</p>

Not quite sure how Qualcomm can claim that Force Touch touches (aha) its patents - if that were the case wouldn't more non-Apple phones use it? And it seems like an odd time to notice this, two years after it was introduced. But everyone reckons that if Apple loses this case, it'll settle at once.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
New bill would end Native American “sovereign immunity” for patents – Ars Technica
Allergan has said the IPR process, which was implemented in 2012, is “flawed and broken.” The company says it has no problem with the validity of its patents being challenged, as long as that challenge takes place in federal court.

Sovereign immunity is a concept that descends from the idea that you can’t haul a king or other monarch into court. In US law, it’s enshrined in the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution, which prevents states from being sued in federal court without the state’s consent.

In some cases, Native American tribes are protected by a different version of sovereign immunity—one that is not constitutionally mandated. Thus, Native American sovereign immunity can be altered or removed by a simple vote of Congress. McCaskill’s bill would do just that by simply stating that “an Indian tribe may not assert sovereign immunity as a defense” in an inter partes review of patents.
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5 days ago by quant18
Apple and Qualcomm’s billion-dollar war over an $18 part • Bloomberg
Max Chafkin and Ian King:
<p>“Here it is,” Apple’s Sewell says, sliding a fingernail-size square covered with electrodes across a conference room table: a Qualcomm modem. “That thing sells for about $18.”

He means the chip itself, before any royalties. Qualcomm’s business model, which is either ingenious or diabolical depending on whom you talk to, is to allow any chip company to use its technology royalty-free. Phone manufacturers can choose to buy chips from Qualcomm or one of the other five companies that make modems using Qualcomm’s technology. Either way, they still have to pay Qualcomm its 5% [of the phone's retail price].

Because Qualcomm spends more on R&D than any of its peers, its modems are the most advanced. For years, Apple considered Qualcomm’s to be the only modems good enough for the iPhone. That, Sewell says, is why Apple put up with Qualcomm’s licensing scheme for years. If Apple refused to pay the royalty, Qualcomm could cut off its modem supply, forcing Apple to rely on inferior chips. That calculation changed in 2015, when Apple began working with Intel Corp. to develop a modem that was used in some versions of the iPhone 7. “What prompted us to bring the case now as opposed to five years ago is simple,” Sewell says. “It’s the availability of a second source.”

Around the same time, Apple began demanding more drastic concessions from Qualcomm. </p>

The idea that what you pay for a patent - which is some fractional part of the phone's function - depends on its final price seems bizarre. I thought Microsoft had won that case over Motorola years ago.

(Terrific "animoji" illustration at the top of the article.)
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8 days ago by charlesarthur
Relicensing the GraphQL specification – Lee Byron – Medium
RT : The GraphQL Specification has been relicensed! Rejoice everyone! Thanks <3
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20 days ago by WimLeers
Facebook Dropping Patent Clause | Matt Mullenweg
I think I saved the link to the precursor of this last week. More fuel for my software-patents post if I ever get back to it.
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21 days ago by devilgate
Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code
This decision comes after several weeks of disappointment and uncertainty for our community. Although we still believe our BSD + Patents license provides some benefits to users of our projects, we acknowledge that we failed to decisively convince this community.
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22 days ago by jm
A patent application design flow in L
and L
Peter J. Pupalaikis
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22 days ago by noah

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