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Really interesting webinar yesterday - good to keep on top of developments and learn more about the changes…
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EJC Cover Page - 25118273.pdf WOMAN AS AN INVENTOR
WOMAN AS AN INVENTOR. No assertion in reference to woman is more common than that she possesses no inventive or mechanical genius, even the United States census failing to enumerate her among the in ventors of the country. But, while such statements are care lessly or ignorantly made, tradition, history, and experience alike prove her possession of these faculties in the highest degree. Although woman's scientific education has been grossly neglected, yet some of the most important inventions of the world are due to her. Hon. Samuel Fisher, while Commissioner of Patents, said: "Any sketch of American inventions would be imperfect which failed to do justice to the part taken by woman." The New York " Times," in an editorial upon woman's inventive genius, says : " The feminine mind is, as a rule, quicker than the masculine mind; takes hints and sees defects which would escape the average man's attention.
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Ordering Your Patent Search
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