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Simple and Easy Cream Puffs - A Pretty Life In The Suburbs
Don't be afraid to make Cream Puffs! These little treats are so easy to make and taste as good, if not better than store bought ones!
profiteroles  recipe  cream.puffs  food  pastry 
11 days ago by po
Baking Cream Puffs in the Breville Smart Oven | Food Thinkers by Breville
Cream puffs are a simple but decadent dessert that you can make at home for a little taste of luxury.
profiteroles  recipe  cream.puffs  food  pastry 
11 days ago by po
Cream Puffs | Philips
Indulgent cream puffs made with the Philips hand blender. Prepare all your favorite recipes at the touch of a button.
profiteroles  recipe  cream.puffs  food  pastry 
11 days ago by po
Puff pastry recipes | Nigel Slater | Food | The Guardian
A sheet of frozen puff pastry is the magic key to the quickest, crispest tarts, says Nigel Slater
guardian  recipes  food  pastry 
5 weeks ago by veryhappythings
First one-one teaching class. Macaron training course from the weekend.
teaching  macarons  pastry  learning  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago by tolkien

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