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How Secure Is My Password?
Enter your password to determine security
passwords  security 
yesterday by cd
360 million reasons to destroy all passwords - freeCodeCamp
Why we should get rid of passwords and not use them anymore
passwords  security 
yesterday by cd
Have I been pwned?
Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach and receive notifications for domains too
security  breach  email  passwords 
yesterday by cd
How to quickly disable Touch ID and Face ID when you need extra security | iMore
Can you rapidly force your iPhone to require your passcode or password to unlock? Absolutely — with iOS 11.
Biometrics are an incredible convenience that lets you unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint. On iPhone 5s through iPhones 8, Touch ID lets you authenticate with your fingerprint. On iPhone X, Face ID lets you authenticate at a glance. But there will come times when you need security more than convenience. For example, when you're traveling through a sketchy area, crossing a border into a region you don't trust, or approached by people or agencies that may not respect your right to privacy. Previously, you had to reboot your iPhone to quickly force it to require your passcode or password for unlock. With iOS 11, though, there's an even quicker way. Here's how!
touchID  faceID  security  privacy  passwords  ios11 
yesterday by rgl7194 passwords - BugMeNot
shared passwords so don't have to have so many accounts passwords - BugMeNot
shared  passwords  online  web  accounts 
2 days ago by MattJhsn
says billions of people’s usernames and are on the black market: Issue…
Google  passwords  Security  from twitter
4 days ago by jhill5
Get to know your Emergency Kit - 1Password
Understand your 1Password emergency kit and what you can do with it
1password  security  passwords  emergency 
6 days ago by cd

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