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Uses This / Emily Haasch
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm foremost a human, secondly an artist and finally a designer. I was born & raised in Chicago, made a stopover in San Francisco, and am now residing in NYC.
I led design at Cards Against Humanity, reimagined spaces for digital art at Electric Objects, and figured out new technologies at ustwo. I create editorial illustrations for a number of publications, including the New Yorker, Polygon, GOOD Magazine, Intercom, and Grand Circus.
I also raise marimos and do a lot of walking in my spare time.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Changing Passwords - Schneier on Security
So in general: you don't need to regularly change the password to your computer or online financial accounts (including the accounts at retail sites); definitely not for low-security accounts. You should change your corporate login password occasionally, and you need to take a good hard look at your friends, relatives, and paparazzi before deciding how often to change your Facebook password. But if you break up with someone you've shared a computer with, change them all.
2 days ago by ritzluna - Leaked Lists is a community recovering password from submitted hashes.
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3 days ago by justintime
What is the Emergency feature and how to use it?
Have you ever needed someone to access one of your accounts but you weren’t there to give them the login and password? This happens to...
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5 days ago by emory
TSQL – Change/Alter password for a Login
PASSWORD = 'neWP@$$W0rD04-13'
OLD_PASSWORD = 'passwordisabouttoExPiReS00n';
-- Note the lack of a comma
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5 days ago by owenblacker
Man jailed for refusing to give his iPad password to police - Wales Online
Man jailed for refusing to give his iPad password to police - Wales Online
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5 days ago by paulbradshaw
Another iPhone Change to Frustrate the Police - Schneier on Security
I recently wrote about the new ability to disable the Touch ID login on iPhones. This is important because of a weirdness in current US law that protects people's passcodes from forced disclosure in ways it does not protect actions: being forced to place a thumb on a fingerprint reader.
There's another, more significant, change: iOS now requires a passcode before the phone will establish trust with another device.
In the current system, when you connect your phone to a computer, you're prompted with the question "Trust this computer?" and you can click yes or no. Now you have to enter in your passcode again. That means if the police have an unlocked phone, they can scroll through the phone looking for things but they can't download all of the contents onto a another computer without also knowing the passcode.
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9 days ago by rgl7194

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