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passwdqc for Windows (Active Directory) - password/passphrase policy enforcement
Full support for passphrases, extensive testing [1] [2] [3] on real-world passwords, being able to exactly match the policy you use on Unix (if applicable), bundled end-user programs (their use is optional), and simple site-wide licensing and pricing (not per-user, nor per-computer) differentiate this product from the competition.

The product, once installed, registers with the system a password filter DLL, which is where the policy is enforced. Also included are three programs: Configuration, Change Password, and Reset Password - please see the screenshots. The latter two programs may be used to easily duplicate the domain controller's password policy on end-user systems, so that the users are informed of the specific reason why their initial choice of new password did not meet policy and are offered randomly-generated passphrases.
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22 hours ago by whip_lash
Sure. It flies in the face of every piece of research carried out in the last 5 years, but we'll change
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7 days ago by ciphpercoder
Passwords Part 2 - Passwords off the Wire using LLMNR - SANS Internet Storm Center
LLMNR – Link Layer Multicast Name Resolution. What’s that you say? - Name resolution tended to use WINS as much or more than DNS.  If you didn’t happen to have WINS or DNS set up, clients would send a local multicast request out on port UDP/5355 for name resolution.  And yes, that is still with us today.

While LLNMR is easily fixed with GPO, NetBIOS over tcp/ip is not and you either need individual touches to systems, script something up, or some other management tool like SCCM to change that setting. so you have to disable LLNMR and NetBIOS over tcp/ip to fully solve this problem.
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9 days ago by bwiese
Dumping Clear-Text Credentials | Penetration Testing Lab
The article contains Windows locations where passwords might exist and techniques to retrieve them.
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14 days ago by whip_lash

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