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Use Travel Mode to remove vaults from your devices when you travel | 1Password
Travel Mode removes vaults from your computers and mobile devices, except those you mark as safe for travel.
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yesterday by onefewercar
Account takeover fraud: 7 tips to make you less vulnerable
Editor's note: Naples (Florida) Daily News columnist and professional organizer Marla Ottenstein has been through a harrowing, expensive and life-changing experience since she was "hacked" last summer. She's sharing some of her insights and the lessons she's learned.
Shame on me, one of the most organized and security-conscious people you’ll ever meet, for logging onto the unsecured Wi-Fi at Miami International Airport last summer. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but feeling impervious to hackers and somewhat cavalier, I figured: What could happen in 15 minutes.
It turns out a lot can happen. The criminals hijacked my email and my mobile accounts and tried (unsuccessfully) to take over my Apple account, and that was just the beginning.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Bad Consumer Security Advice - Schneier on Security
There are lots of articles about there telling people how to better secure their computers and online accounts. While I agree with some of it, this article contains some particularly bad advice:
1. Never, ever, ever use public (unsecured) Wi-Fi such as the Wi-Fi in a café, hotel or airport. To remain anonymous and secure on the Internet, invest in a Virtual Private Network account, but remember, the bad guys are very smart, so by the time this column runs, they may have figured out a way to hack into a VPN.
I get that unsecured Wi-Fi is a risk, but does anyone actually follow this advice? I think twice about accessing my online bank account from a pubic Wi-Fi network, and I do use a VPN regularly. But I can't imagine offering this as advice to the general public.
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yesterday by rgl7194
New iPhone Passcode Bypass Hack Exposes Photos and Contacts
Looking for a hack to bypass the passcode or screen lock on iPhones?
Jose Rodriguez, an iPhone enthusiast, has discovered a passcode bypass vulnerability in Apple’s new iOS version 12 that potentially allows an attacker to access photos and contacts, including phone numbers and emails, on a locked iPhone XS and other recent iPhone models.
Rodriguez, who also discovered iPhone lock screen hacks in the past, has posted two videos (in Spanish) on his YouTube channel under the account name Videosdebarraquito demonstrating a complicated 37-step iPhone passcode bypass process.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Breach of Spyware Company mSpy Exposes iCloud Account Information for Millions - SecureMac
Apple users should consider changing their iCloud passwords after a recent breach reportedly exposed the account information of millions of people. The breach involved a company called mSpy, a spyware-as-a-service business. mSpy sells mobile and computer software that allows users to spy on their friends or family members. The software is also marketed to allow parents to see what their children are doing on their devices. However, this type of software is technically illegal and mSpy has a shady reputation.
At the end of August, security researchers Brian Krebs and Nitish Shah discovered that mSpy had posted a database containing millions of iCloud usernames and authentication tokens. Shah discovered the database first and tried to notify mSpy of the issue but was blocked by the company for requesting an audience with their chief technology officer. Krebs later got in touch with mSpy’s CTO and the database was taken down.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Frequent Password Changes Is a Bad Security Idea - Schneier on Security
"I've been saying for years that it's bad security advice, that it encourages poor passwords. Lorrie Cranor, now the FTC's chief technologist, agrees..."
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4 days ago by niksilver
We Need to Talk About NIST’s Dropped Password Management Recommendations
Recently, NIST reversed its stance on organizational password management requirements. The institute now recommends banishing forced periodic password changes and getting rid of complexity requirements.
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7 days ago by SecurityFeed

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