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Have I been pwned? Pwned Passwords
Password tester - See if your password has been compromised and is on a list of 320 million passwords - 2017-08-14
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yesterday by wellsa
open source password manager
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5 days ago by terraling
sakurity/securelogin: SecureLogin Client Implementation for Web, Desktop (with Electron) and Mobile (with Cordova)
securelogin - SecureLogin Client Implementation for Web, Desktop (with Electron) and Mobile (with Cordova)
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5 days ago by geetarista
The Diceware Passphrase Home Page
This page offers a better way to create a strong, yet easy to remember passphrase for use with encryption and security programs. Weak passwords and passphrases are one of the most common flaws in computer security. Take a few minutes and learn how to do it right. The information presented here can be used by anyone. No background in cryptography or mathematics is required. Just follow the simple steps below.
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6 days ago by rcyphers
The method takes advantage of the Diceware technique. You just roll a set of regular old six-side dice to generate a numerical phrase that you can then translate into a random word from the Diceware word list. The more words you generate for your passphrase, the more secure it becomes. And since it's completely random, the passphrase becomes close to impossible for anybody or computer to guess.
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6 days ago by rcyphers
Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach
Have I been pwned? allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email addresses has been compromised.
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6 days ago by Jolantis

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