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Currently, if the user of a password manager would like to change their password on, basically all the password manager can do is load in a browser tab and hope the user can figure out how to update their password themselves.

The goal of this spec is to do the simplest possible thing to improve this situation.
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3 days ago by hthief
passwordless access to Servergraph report
Via these URLs, and the HTML etc. returned by accessing the Servergraph pages:

Login site using cURL

passwordless  access  to  Servergraph  report  curl  cookie  password  download  from notes
4 days ago by theskett
Encryptr The Free, Secure Password Manager | SpiderOak
Download the free, secure password manager from SpiderOak today. Encryptr gives you cross-platform, No Knowledge access to your passwords.
password  manager  opensource  free  linux  encryption  app 
4 days ago by e2b
Virtual Smart Cards and password hashes in Active Directory 2016 Environments
The preface on this is to explore rotating password hashes in active directory 2016 environments and changes that were made to ease some of the administrative burden of getting password hashes to…
password  activedirectory  certificates  security 
5 days ago by mcguinness
Passwords Bad Consumer Security Advice
Regarding password change frequency etc, with some useful links
password  security 
5 days ago by zakb01
How to solve the Apple mail Unable to verify account name or password issue | Simon Cox SEO Consultant
Process to recov­er your OSX Mac Mail and Inter­net Accounts from the ​‘Unable to ver­i­fy account name or pass­word’ issue.
Open your email account in sys­tem preferences
Choose the email account to verify
Note that your pass­word field is blank
Fill in the password
Press Tab to move to the next field (Impor­tant!)
Enjoy your email life
apple  password  bug  fix 
5 days ago by tinley

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