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iOS 11 leaves iOS devices more vulnerable to edge-case attacks, says phone-cracking company ElcomSoft • 9to5Mac
Ben Lovejoy:
<p>Anyone wanting to access private data from an iPhone used to face two challenges, says the company in a <a href="">blog post</a> (which was experiencing loading problems at the time of writing). First, they had to access the device itself, which usually requires knowing or cracking the passcode. Second, even with the passcode, you could not access all the data on the device unless you could also crack the password used for the encrypted backup of the device.

It is the encrypted backup that contains Keychain data, allowing you to easily access any account used by the phone’s owner, as well as application data and more. Indeed, in many cases, authorities and other attackers focus their efforts on cracking the backup rather than the device itself, as it provides easier access to more data.

Prior to iOS 11, if you made an encrypted backup to iTunes, the password protecting that backup was used every time in future, even if you switched Mac…

…Apple <a href="">documents this process</a>, so it’s clearly a deliberate decision rather than a bug.

It seems likely that Apple is balancing convenience against security here, taking the view that anyone who has the device passcode usually has legitimate access to the device. The new behavior would be helpful to anyone who forgot their encrypted backup password, as well as families of anyone who passed away but had shared their passcode with family members.

My personal view is that the change makes sense. The risk created by it is real edge-case stuff: someone has physical access to my device and knows my passcode. The benefit is that there’s an escape plan for the many people who forget rarely-used passwords – like, in this case, an encrypted backup password that is typically only needed when upgrading devices.</p>

Elcomsoft has a point. Question is, how many people give up their passcode to those they shouldn't?
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december 2017 by charlesarthur
Apple Face ID Security
It notes that there may be special difficulties for children under 13 (potential implications for education use)
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september 2017 by WBedutech
Passcode: The Ultimate Guide | iMore
How do you change the passcode on your iPhone or iPad? Switch to a longer number or stronger password? How do you turn it off? Here's what you need to know!
guide  ios  passcode  security  tip 
april 2017 by pitiphong_p
xkcd Password Generator
xkcd Password Generator: A safe and easy password to remember
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january 2017 by habi

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